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Those Couples Never Break Up. The secret of magical Relationship

Feat. Those Couples Never Breakup

He will not take it!

“Say you, say me; say it for always. That’s the way it should be” Say you, say me – Lionel Richie.

By the time you finish this article you may feel like you have a constant flow of ideas to communication more deeply with your man.  Imagine that you can talk openly about your feelings. You can show with love that you are not agreed. But that’s all right. He understands.

He can take it.

He will not get onto his chair and sing with Twisted Sister

Oh, we’re not gonna take it, anymore.” We’re not gonna take it -Twisted Sister

This technique is great because you can duplicate it and adapt it to any situation. Sure, you will need a bit of creativity sometimes. But this is what those enduring couple do. They always find a way to make their point. All they need is their imagination.  Do the same and you will be part of their club.



A security blanket

Take a solid look at them. Of course sometimes, they are arguing. But it seems that those difficult moments are short. You can almost feel that there’s a good vibration that surround them in their house. You feel it in your body. What’s their secret?  Well to start, realize that to make a successful couple, you can only do your part. In other words, he will have to respect his part of the deal.

Let’s say that you can be a real angel; if you are married to a demon, well…

Those Couples Never Break 3

I know that it’s not a fun thing to hear. But I had to tell you this (I consider you as a friend. So, no B.S)

Now let’s focus on what you can do on your part to create an amazing atmosphere in your couple: this kind of security blanket for your relationship. It will be there whatever happens in your couple.




Be a goddess, act like one

Speech is silver, silence is golden; speech is human, silence is divine.” Dale Carnegie

What? What do you mean Mister Carnegie? Should I stay there and say nothing about my feeling, about what I think?”

“Not really”, would say Dale Carnegie (well, I guess). He would say that sometimes, saying things like a goddess is way more effective that saying things like just a human being.

Besides, what a man do when he’s in front of a goddess, hum?

WAIT!  Do you know what talking like a simple human being is?

Well, it’s asking like you are a needy person. You complain, you whine. Again and again… This is what Nietzsche would call human. Too human…

Here are some examples of being a simple human being.

“We don’t go out anymore”

“I’m sick and tired to wake up and feed the baby. It’s your turn”

“You go with your friends? Again?”

“Give me your coat. I’m cold”

This is not the way a goddess would act. Think about the Olympian Gods. They think about their pleasure first. I mean, they barely care about humans! They rarely complain. When they are, they act pretty fast to fix their problem. How can you think like a goddess? Make physical and verbal suggestions.

No need to say: “we don’t go out anymore”. Think about your pleasure and tell him this:

Those Couples Never Break 4

“I would love to do something fun with you.”

Then give a little slap on his behind. Or a little kiss on his neck.

You are cold, right? You want his coat? Tell him exactly how you feel.

“ Brr…  It’s so cold…”

Then get closer to him like you want him to do something about it.

Yes, lady. Give your man the opportunity to be your knight (read the article How to find the perfect mate. Be irresistible to know more about that).


Think about your happiness and your well-being. Demand like a goddess.

Do you have any question, any comments? Please share them in the little white box below.

Now you know that being you at your fullest potential is to be a goddess.

Go and find your amazing man!


Jo Fontaine


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  1. Thank you for sharing this amazing article. Very many people think the good relationship does not involve victims, but they are wrong. I like it when you say what we can do on our part to create a fantastic atmosphere in our couple. Thank you again and I wish you all the best.

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