The art of plan B to find the man of your dream

the art of plan B

Resolution, decision and plan.

“I got a plan!”A better vision of me. Fiona Apple

So it’s January 2019. It’s time to make a resolution that you will stop to follow next month! For my part, I want to write more, I want to have a more flexible body. (By the way I have found a great lady who shows you what to do if you feel that your body is a bit stiff. Her name is Adee. To see her Youtube videos, click here ).

Now, resolution is something that everybody do: to decide to make some improvements is noble. You maybe even have a plan. But tell me. Do you have a B plan?

The art of plan B to find the man of your dream


B plan? What is it good for?

And more and more than this. I did it my way” –My way. Frank Sinatra

So you have decided that this year is the year. You will find the mister right. You are sick and tired to be alone. You have a few new ideas but, mostly, you will use the same techniques that you have been using last year. Just thinking about if makes you feel discouraged a bit. Worse because you have made the same decision last year, you feel even more pressure. Well let me tell you that if you feel this way, it may be a sign that you need to know more about the art of B plan to reach your goal this year.

“But Jo. what I want is a man in my life. There is no place for a B plan….”

Yes, I know what you mean, lady. Here on therighthusband, a B plan has a different meaning. This is why the discussion about should you or not have a B plan has no value here. Here, the B plan has the same goal as the A plan. It just has one more reason to exist: To remove some pressure off your shoulder. You don’t need all that stuff, right?

So here’s a general example so you see what I mean.

The 2019 you: I want to lose some weight!

Your B plan: I want to go to the gym 3 time a week.

The 2019 you: I want to be more beautiful.

Your B plan: I will get my hair cut every couple of months. I will take some makeup lessons.

Know what I mean?

What you do is simply to create a goal that is not too dramatic. You don’t feel the pressure of results. But if you follow your plan every week, you will finally reach your objective. You will suddenly see the transformation in your life. This is the kind of magic a B plan can do for you!


It’s how you take it

“Nothing is beautiful from every point of view”. Horace

Yes, mister Horace, you are right. But it means that nothing is ugly form every point of view too. The juice of life is in the way you take things.  Now, again, the B plan as the same goal as your A plan: to help you find your man.

Let’s say that you have learned that man in their 30s love outdoor sports activities.

The 2019 you: maybe I will find a man in meetups that organize outdoor sports activities.

Deep inside there’s a doubt. It’s biting you. Maybe you will not find him. What if it’s a stupid idea? What if I hate that kind of hobby? What if, what if…

Here is how a B plan could look like:

Your B plan: “I will assist to a couple of outdoor sports activities to see if I like it”.

Following me? Of course your final goal is still the same: you want that cute guy who’s waiting for you. But your first objective is to discover a new kind of activity. This is how you protect yourself and at the same time continue your research.  You don’t need all that pressure, lady; you deserve a beautiful life. The B plan is a great opportunity to practice the rule that we have talked about is the article 1 mistake : Seize the moment. Live in the present every day.

Do you have any question, any comments? Please share your thoughts with us in the little box below.

Now you know that you deserve to have a pleasant life this year.

Go, lady! And find your amazing man


Jo Fontaine


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4 thoughts on “The art of plan B to find the man of your dream

  1. I love this! Plan B–yes, that’s the way to go! I will definitely follow your advice and I am excited about how this is going to make 2019 my best year ever!

  2. Hi Jo…Interesting post! I believe that as we mature, we relax more about the whole dating scene and we get on with our lives. We work, serve in the community, or at our church, and we naturally engage in meaningful relationships while working alongside others in those activities. When working with others, we see how they handle themselves in all kinds of situations and we can determine from there how much of a relationship we might desire with the person or if we want to stay far away. After all, not every man we meet will be marriage material for us.
    Yes, like you said, we can broaden our horizons and try different activities, go to different places, travel, take up new sports, but it sure helps if we’re having fun with what we do. Ultimately, I believe that individuals looking for Mr. Right should go live life, do things that they enjoy doing, and stay open to meeting the right person who could someday become their spouse. 🙂

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