The 3 Best Free Dating Sites Online

feat. The 3 Best Free Dating Sites Online

You already know that there are a lot of free dating sites today, right? So the question is not “how can you find free dating site online” but “which ones to choose”. This article is there to make your life easier, lady. I will talk here about the 3 best dating site online. I will expose their r strong and weak points.
Once you will know those sites, you will realize that each of them should be used with a different state of mind.  Let’s begin!

#1 Plenty of fish

I used that site for years. The first thing that you will notice on Plenty of fish is that you have to more than 70 questions to answer. They have been prepared to help you to express your personality, your preferences. Now, this is great. Most men are lazy and write awful profiles. With that The 3 Best Free Dating Sites Online 1questionnaire, you will know if a man likes horror movies. Maybe he prefers to listen to classical music. All those answers will help you figure out his personality.
The downside of this site is that you will have to be patient before your profile is complete. But here, do not worry. I’m only talking about 20-25 minutes. There is another problem you will notice a couple of week after you start using the POF platform. You get a lot of matches.

“Isn’t that a good thing, Jo, you ask?”

Well, yes and no. Yes because all those matches show that people do see your profiles. No, because most of those matches are not really serious. )By the way if it’s true for men; it’s an even bigger problem for women). The reason is that there is, indeed, a lot of fish is the sea. So, people hesitate to meet a particular person. You know that kind of thought:

“And what if I miss the perfect person because I started to date too soon?”

I used that site in the past mostly not only for dating but to organize groups. Remember. Organizing a simple even is an excellent way to meet men (to know more about this, read the article How To Find The Right Man Using The Power Of Synergy).



Just like POF (Plenty Of Fish), Okcupid invites you to answer to a list of questions. Their system (often called a “Compatibility feature”) will use your answers to help you find the most compatible users on the site. Sure you can do your own research. All you have to do is to rate the profiles you see.

I like the questions Okcupid asks. They are very original, and fun. They will reveal the fun and original part of your personality. But again, what is important is that men will have to answer to those questions too. Sure many of those fun questions are not mandatory. Anyway,  if a man refuses to answer them, they still leave a clue about their personality. Once your account is active, Okcupid will send you some dating tips. You are ready to start!

Now here is how the system works today. You will get messages only from profiles you have liked. This is great because they have been a lot of complaining in the past about sexual messages and language abuses. So you don’t have to worry that much about inappropriate messages. You will not get much of them.

Now I don’t like the fact that you will have to pay to see who have “liked” you. All you can see for free is your matches.

So the tip on Okcupid is pretty simple. “Like” a lot.

Be active on the platform.

Here, your copy of the ebook Conversation Chemistry will help you communice and hold a discution with the men your meet online. Sure you will have to choose in all the tools you have at your disposal. Just pick the technique that will help you the most in your situation.


Passion Network

I have never used that site but Passion Network intrigues me. Millions of people have been amazed by this site. With Passion Network, it’s all about passion. I’m talking about what you love to do in your daily life. Maybe it’s yoga, music, or outdoor games. On Passion network, see each passion as a channel. Once you have created your account, follow the path that relays the more to your interests and preferences.

Now not only you can choose your channel, but you can reach people in your area.

A place for singles based on their interest? What a wonderful idea! I will test that site and write a review about it. Talk about passion network soon!


The 3 Best Free Dating Sites Online



There are so much free dating sites today that you don’t have to worry that much about making the right choice anymore. Most of the best sites are popular and have tons of users. Think about this question: how can you use the features of this particular site? Take your time to discover how a site is unique. Find an approach that is appropriate for each dating site. Do your best to use that principle: no dating site should be used with the same strategy.

Do you have any questions? Any comments? Please share your thoughts in the little white box below.

Now you know that you should be creative when you date online.

Go! And find your amazing man!


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The 3 best free dating sites online

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