The #1 technique to flirt with a guy without being obvious

feat. how to flirt like crazy with a guy without being obvious

This article is for you, ladies, who are professionals, strong.  Suddenly, you find yourself in a great but difficult situation at the same time 

Yes, it does happen 

Let’s say that when you have just met a guy in the elevator. He’s your new colleague. Hum… You feel inside that this guy may be the one. Yes, this man seems to be exactly what you are looking for.  

So here is a great opportunity for you to approach a man that you really like. You work with him! Now, maybe some friends have told you that you should never, everflirt in your day job. But you have seen people doing this “crime” before. Some of them have even being successful: they are still in couple today. So here is the question: how can you flirt with a guy without being too obvious? You know how rumors can spread fast in an office. Well, there is a very discrete technique that you can use. When you will master it, you will be able to drive a man crazy. He will be confused and delighted at the same time.  

 And what is great is this: nobody else in the office will even notice it. 

 So here we go! 


The classics advice 

“There is a heat of love”  Homer, The Illiad 

Just before we start, I would like to say something about the classic advice you get usually when you start to do some research about the different flirting techniques.  Here are the suggestions that you will find:  

  • Smile, smile, smile. 
  • Look in the eyes 
  • Dress to impress 

Those ideas are good. (more about that in the article 3 ways to flirt like crazy even if you are shy). But you should follow them up to a certain point. The reason is quite simple: nobody wants to date somebody who’s boring, or seems distantYou want look the best you can, to show the good site of your personality. 

 But a work place is a small place. Those techniques are touchy because everybody in the office will notice if you overdo it.   So what can you do to flirt with that cute without being too obvious? 

Answer: Use the accidental touch techniques. 


Unexpected touch 

Remember: men are very tactile. So the strategy is simple. First, you will have to find those situations where it will be possible for you to slightly tough the man you want to flirt with. In the article 3 tips to drive him crazy about you with text message, I have said that your goal when you start toHow to flirt like crazy with a guy without being obvious 2 flirt with a guy is to confuse him. No, I’m not talking about playing HTO (hard to get). I’m talking about that wonderful feeling you can create in a man when you start to play with his senses.  At the same time, you are not that clear about your real intentions 

Of course, deep inside he will know what’s going on. One accidental touch can happen. But  4, 5 times?   

“There’s something going on”, he will say 

Yes, he knows… But this feeling you create inside of him is so pleasant that we will not try to spoil that sexy mood right away. A blurry situation can be so sexy.  


The perfect move 

So, when can you start to make his motor running? Where are those opportunities to create sexy mind game? You don’t have to look that far. Think about those moments when you find yourself with him during the day. For instance, the meetings...  

The next time you will talk to him, slightly place your fingers on his palm when you are making a point in the discussion. This simple move is perfect to start a flirt. It’s effective and not a lot of people around will notice it. 

Except those who have played the game before… 


The classic feet touch 

Now, think about the classic feet touch. Sure in your case, your colleague is not your boyfriend (at least, not yet…).  But nothing stops you to use that technique under the meeting table. You just will have to make it look like an accident. Just sit near him in the next meeting and when you will feel the need to change position, slightly touch his leg with your foot. 

The more you will think about it, the more you will find opportunities to make physical contact. Do you feel that you are ready to do a bold move (and nobody exempt your man will notice it)? Here is what I like to call the morning meeting move. 


The morning meeting move 

This technique is so powerful that I will suggest this: use it with to use caution. With that move you will confuse him; he will have problems to stop thinking about you.  How to flirt like crazy with a guy without being obvious 3

I have been personality a happy victim of that move. I still remember of every second of those moments.  

Wait until you have created a certain level of connection with your colleague. You are ready to create the magic the moment you feel that you are relatively close with him. Wait for the next morning meeting of your team. You know, the kind of meeting where everybody is there standing around the team leader? Do your best to be near the man you like so much (but a bit behind him). Gently touch his back with your breast and do not move. Let his heart beat like crazy: this is a wonderful gift you are offering him 

Now, for sure, his day is totally messed up. He will have problem to think about anything else but... 

that contact… 

Do you have any comment? Any question? Maybe you have used some techniques and you want to share them with the readers. Don’t be shy. There’s a little box below just for you. I will be more than happy to read your message. Tell me about your experience. 

Now you know that men have emotions; you know how to play with them. 

Go! And find your amazing man. 


Jo Fontaine 



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