Suddenly this guy is crazy in love with you. The power of sexual tension.


Imagine that you are walking in the park near your house. Some men are smiling at you. Some men are so caught in their thoughts that they walk, looking at their feet. Watch the tree in front of you, mister! Oh… Well, anyway…

It doesn’t matter.

Because, in fact, you are screening those gentlemen. You decide who’s your best candidate.  And once you find him, hum… You just know. He will have a hard time to forget you: you know exactly what button to press to make them crazy about you.

She drives me crazy. Like no one else”. She drives me crazy – Fine young Cannibals

Lady, the more you read this article, you will start to feel that all you already possess all you need to rock the men’s world. That’s good news. It means that you need no special talent to create some sparks in a man. No, don’t even need to look like a “10” (duh… what 10 means anyway? My ten is not the 10 of my best friend- more about that in the article Looking for a new boyfriend. Does your look really matter?).


Suddenly this guy is crazy in love with you. The power of sexual tension.


Make it hot, make it happen

Have you noticed that, sometimes, you can almost cut with a knife the sexual tension between a man and a woman? They are just about to fall in each other’s harms. Imagine. You almost feel that you are a total stranger in the room; you think that maybe you should leave.

Even if the apartment is yours!

This is the kind of tension that you want to create as soon as you meet a cute guy. So where do you start? Here are the 2 easiest preparatory steps you need to make before you start to create that invincible sexual tension.

NOTICE: those 2 first steps will start to do the job for you….

#1 help

Again, the best way to approach a man is to ask him for some help (more about that in the article 3 ways to flirt like crazy even if you are shy).  Use our desire to be a knight to your advantage. Just remember that it will backfire on you if the man feels that there is a kind of manipulation. So how do it? Just be natural. Be the sweet lady that you are. Then let him know that he’s THE MAN.


Suddenly this guy is crazy in love with you. The power of sexual tension.


#2 the sweet nicknames

You have probably noticed that a sexy and safe nickname can create some magic between you and the man you want (to know how to use pet name, read the article 3 magical tips to make a man fall in love with you). The more you think about it, the more you feel the power you have. Now remember that if the man gives you back a cute name, it means you are in his love zone.  Sure, maybe he wants to be sweet with you. That’s all. But you gotta start somewhere, right? Besides, isn’t that kind of men you are looking for? A man who’s naturally sweet and thoughtful?


Suddenly this guy is crazy in love with you. The power of sexual tension.


Hot spots to break the wall

So you have made the 2 first steps. Great! Imagine the possibility: you can continue the seduction process using a simple technique.  Remember, I talk about your magic weapon? What is it? Well, here it is: it’s your skin.

No, I’m not suggesting any kind of nudity! I mean, here, that the art of touching is one of the simplest ways to communicate with a man (5 tips to find a boyfriend to know more about the art of touching). No need to learn some complicated “trigger sentence to seduce”. The only thing you have to do is to remember 1 or 2 safe erogenous zones men have and touch them delicately when you talk to them (for instance when you say “thank you”).

Here are the 2 safest and hot zones

  • The inner wrist. Yes it’s a bit difficult to reach that part without being weird. Except if you move like you wanted to tough his arm… but missed the target…
  • The shoulder. Keep your hand soft and gently touch his shoulder when you talk to him. It may seem simple but if you have made the 2 preparatory steps, you can create some sparkle in his body in one second.

Remember. All you want to do is to break the touch barrier and make him wonder what’s going on. The safest places to touch are the arms.  Give the man the opportunity to create in his head a sexy and romantic movie starring you. The show will start as soon as you are gone!

Now you know how to get in his head.

Go and find your amazing man!


Jo Fontaine



P.S: Inner wrist, missing the target. Could you, ladies, make more of that “mistake”? Thanks.

P.S.S:  I’m thinking about the song that says: “something in the way she moves” (Something– The Beatles).  Listen to know exactly what you can do to a man. Click Here.

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