Online Dating Problems? Women Who Do This Feel Secure Online.

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It works, it’s scary

“Please to meet you. Hope you guess my name” Sympathy for the devil – The Rolling Stone.

You tell me if I’m wrong. You have heard a lot of advice about online dating. Women who do this feel secure online.

YOUR FRIEND: “Online dating? Are you crazy girl? Those sites are crawling with maniacs. Anyway,  what they really have in their pans is not half as big as what they pretend they have!”

Sure if she knew, your friend would have suggested one of those 7 alternative to online dating that proposes…  Those ideas are effective; no need to scare people about dating sites…  Anyway, the fact is that, despite the problems you can have using with online dating, some people have found love using this technique. It works.

“Let’s give it a try”, you say.

So here you are with 2 feelings rushing in your veins. You are kind of excited; you are scared to death.

“I’ve heard about so many online dating problems, Jo. I’m not interested in living those nightmares. What can I do?”

Well, here are 2 ideas to use those dating sites safely.

online dating problems? Women who do this feel secure online.

#1 Stay on the website platform.

I know that a friend of mine has made a huge mistake a few years ago. I never talked to her about that. Here’s what she did: she switched too early form the dating website platform to her personal email (and worst to your personal phone) to talk to a man. That kind of move is a bad one as your security is concerned. You don’t know who you are talking to. Let’s say that you are chatting with a real jerk who seems to have no respect for women. 2 minutes after the beginning of the discussion, here he starts asking stupid  question like.

“Well, tell me how big they are?”

Believe me, those idiots are doing you a favor. You understand right away who they are. No need to ask yourself any question about their dating security tip 1

It’s zero.

I mean absolute zero.

The dangerous guy

“You can call me honey but you’re no damn good for me” Dangerous– Michael Jackson.

The dangerous one are those that hide their real nature. To smoke them out, you will need time. You lose that precious time when you give some private information too soon. Remember that even if you find out that this man is… well weird, he still has your phone number.

I still remember back in the days. My sister was annoyed by a dude who had no respect at all. He just could not stop calling her .

“ Stop calling or I will tell my brother, she said”.

I was not a tough kid. But I knew a few ones…

The point is this: stay for a while on the site platform to communicate. You don’t have to rush the process. If he finds out that you are an interesting woman, waiting will not bother him that much.

Anyway, today, most men know that there are about 3 men for 1 women on those sites. If he has a brain, he will understand that he has a great opportunity to talk to a lady. But what will you talk about? Well Renee Slansky has a great answer to that question. In her post 6 online dating tips to keep you safe, she says that you should ask questions. You know, just like you would in a first date. Play the detective and try to find out who he really is.

#2 Talk to me, baby

But there will be a moment when you feel that it’s time to talk. You want to hear his voice. How does he sound? He will probably feel the same. A lot of men are sensitive to beautiful female voice (I’m one of them). Is it the time to give your personal phone number?

Well you still have an option here. online dating security tip 2

In the beautiful article on the author suggests to use google voice. Brilliant!  I have never heard of that service before. See google voice as a privacy firewall. You can obtain a google voice phone number for free and use it to route all your phone and texts to your real phone number. Wow.

It means that you will not have to call your big brother if a jerk is bothering you.

Do you have any question, any comments? Please share your thoughts in the little white box below.

Now you know that you can use dating sites without any risk of being harassed.

Go! And find your amazing man, lady.


Jo Fontaine.


P.S Big love for all the little sisters in the world!

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6 thoughts on “Online Dating Problems? Women Who Do This Feel Secure Online.

  1. A friend of mine got in trouble with online dating. She did exactly the opposite of what you advise! The guy was proved to be an obsessive stalker. You are right, safety in the number one issue when it comes to online dating. Your website is very helpful! Bookmarking it and passing it to friends! Thank you

    1. I know what you mean… Many men on those sites are desperate or simply mentally deranged. But there are good men too (hey I’ve been there a couple of times!) You just have to take your time. No need to go too fast. The competition is on the men side; not on yours, ladies.

  2. I totally agree with you, despite the problems you can have online, some people have found love online. These are great tips for using dating sites safely. I have never heard of Google voice service before, it looks like a great and useful one, thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!

  3. Amazing article, very helpful tips, and I love your style of writing very engaging and funny, made me laugh a couple of times. I think online dating is a good opportunity for people to widen their chances of meeting someone, but if not done correctly, it can put one in harms way, so a website like yours is very helpful, for online daters and I think if one follows your tips and advice, then one will have a safe online dating experience.
    Thank you for this article.

    1. Thank you, Rose. And you’re right! Yes, there is a danger with online dating. But if well done, this method is as secure as any other one. It really can be a great opportunity to widen your chances. :0)

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