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Need A Husband? Julie And Julia Will Show You If He’s The Right One

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Watch “girl movie”? Me?

So here is my sister. She calls me and says:

Jo. Just have found a great movie for you and your best friend who’s  sick right now. You will go visit her tomorrow, right?”

“Uh… Yes”, I said after a little pause.julie and julia

“Well when you will see her, go to Netflix and find the movie Julie and Julia. I know, I know… You don’t like “girls’ movies”. But this one is different. This movie is about cooking. She will l-o-v-e the movie“.

” A movie about cooking? Hum…”

See, my best friend is a great chef. When she talks about cooking, you see passion in her eyes. But she almost had to stop cooking because of her accident. Accidents in a restaurant happens a lot. A kitchen can be a very dangerous place…

For sure, this movie will be a winner. On my part, how could I say “no” to a movie talking about food?

And how about those “girl movie” parts, you ask?

Well, when those scenes will come, I can always close my eyes and cover my ears with my hands…

The lessons you can learn

This is not my goal to make a critique of the movie. But you know what? The greatest lesson you can learn from Julie and Julia is this: It all starts with a passion. Passion is the best way to find yourself, the secret formula to rebuild self-confidence. Then the ladies will show you the best qualities you want to find in a man before you marry him.

In the movies, you have 2 men of 2 different generations.  Paul Child and Eric Powell. Let’s take a look to both of those gentlemen.

Husband #1 Paul Child: Determined, passionate and always on your side.Need A Husband Julie And Julia 4

Ok, we are in the 50s. So it means that one of the reasons Julia wants to learn French cooking is that she wants to please her husband. But as you may have felt it, this is not only reason. She just loves cooking. Paul Child is a diplomat. He’s assigned for the moment in Paris. So Julia thinks “let’s go all the way”. Let’s take some cooking lessons in a great school and become a Cordon Bleu (a man’s world back in the days). How do you think Paul reacts? At first, he’s surprised. But he starts to support her lady in her dreams. Sometimes, her competitive sense seems to go over the top (especially when she wants to learn how to cut the onions like a chef). One day, Julia and her friends decide to write the first book for Americans that will talk about French cooking. This book should be about 700 pages! Everywhere, it’s refused.  Nobody wants to publish that book. Guess who’s there to support her lady  when she feels discouraged? Paul.

Now, something very important: Paul is not at all a doormat. He has his own goals and beliefs (and maybe he will get a lot of trouble for speaking his mind). Now he asks Julia what will happen if he loses his job? Julia is ready to go wherever he will have to go. This is my point. The man that you will marry will have to be supportive as you continue to pursue your dream. But this love path is not a one way avenue. In other words, if you want something from your man, you will have to give something in return when the time is arrived.  How Paul and Julia did it back in the 50s? Well they have found a way to make their dreams compatible.

Think about your man right now. Do you think your dreams are compatible? Does he feel that this is an important point in the relationship? If the answer is yes, you may have found the winning ticket!

Husband #2 Eric Powell: a successful and sweet man

Now to tell you the truth, I don’t remember exactly what Eric’s job is. Most of the time, I was listening to my friend giving me comments about how the Julie tries to make  Julia Child’s mayonnaise and a deboned duck in pastry. Eric is very Need A Husband Julie And Julia 2supportive too. Julie has decided to cook every recipe of Julia’s book Mastering the art of French cooking . She will talk about the result in her brand-new blog. Sure the lady has tendencies to be too self centered along the way and it creates a tension in the couple. I don’t want to make any spoilers, so I will stop here. But, here again, Eric is not afraid to speak up his mind even if the argument can break the couple. You do not need a man who’s afraid to lose you. You need a strong man who cares about you. Sometimes, care means say things that you do not want to hear. Now, why does Eric is so supportive besides the fact that he loves his wife? I said in the article How to know if a man love me. For us, men, noting is free. A big reason is that he loves to eat (here is some Pepto-Bismol, Eric. Call me if you need more). So here we go again. Both dreams go along well. Both interests are compatible. The perfect match here is in the stomach!

Bottom line is this: only a strong man can be supportive.  You both must have compatible dreams. That’s the perfect recipe. To be sure that you have spot the right man, it’s important that you read again from time to time your copy of the ebook Get A Great Guy Guide. It will help a lot.

Do you have any questions, any comments? There’s a little white box below. Don’t be shy to share your thoughts.

Now, you know if your man is the perfect candidate to be your husband.

Now go! And find your amazing man!


Jo Fontaine

P.S: Lil sis’ just told me what Eric’s job is. He’s an editor. Hum… The interests are even more compatible than I thought!

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6 thoughts on “Need A Husband? Julie And Julia Will Show You If He’s The Right One

  1. I like the idea about a man who is not afraid to speak up his mind. But sometimes silence is needed in a relationship and would somehow mean a lot. This is a good comparison between two different types of men. Anyway, the right husband will come, at a perfect place, at the perfect time. Nice post!

    1. Yes, you are right. Sometimes, silence is important. There’s no reason to speak if it’s just show that we are right… Or worst: if it’s just to hurt or to break a dream because we are jealous… A common problem in couples…

  2. I’ve seen the movie and I loved it. But after reading your article I realize that I was concentrated on the ladies and not on the hubbies. I totally agree with your opinion: a supportive companion is important to be able to pursue your dreams. Sharing dreams is also essential. Thanks for the great read, Jo. I’ll have a lot of thinking to do !!

  3. Hi Jo,
    I love your analysis of this movie. And your insights are right on!
    I am very fortunate to have an amazing husband of 35 years now. He is very supportive and loving and usually goes along with my ideas, lol. But he will speak up if he disagrees with something.
    We are very compatible and look forward to enjoying many more years together.

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