Make a man crazy about you by respecting yourself.

Not only the physique

It may be a surprising to hear that, but men are not only looking your physique, lady. Of course, I will be the first major point but it will not be the only one. Of the best way to make a man crazy about you is to be sure of yourself, and to “respect yourself”. I remember the first time I realized that aspect of your personality I was with a colleague, walking on a street when we saw a beautiful woman smoking waiting for the bus, smoking a cigarette between her fingers. She raised her head and exhaled the smoke. The man I was with said. Sad that she is such so beautiful woman and that she’s a smoker. She should respect herself. I was at first surprised by the comment. I don’t like the odor of cigarette. But the fact that a woman is smoking is just her own business, right.

But hey! What’s the link between beauty and the fact that a woman should respect herself?

When you look like the way you think

Think about it: the way you think will always affect the way you move. In other word, the way walk, the way you stand when you talk will give a lot of signal to the men looking at you. It happens that we, men have sometimes a lot of problem to distinguish a woman how feel good in her body and a woman how is sensual.  Send the signal that you are proud of yourself, that you know your value, show that you feel great inside and you will start to look like a sexy woman without even trying.  Here are a few ideas to make men understand that you are a special woman.


Make a man crazy about you by respecting yourself.


Know yourself

It always starts from the inside. Decide today how far a man can go. I’m especially talking about respect here. A lot women I care about have been victim of men how use “jokes” as a technique to demean them. Know what you will accept and what you will not. Be sure to know how you want to be treated and your body language will go accordingly. You will look sure of yourself. Many men will see you as a woman who has a lot to offer: something of value, something great (if you still feel unsure of yourself, or if you want to feel even better using the art of visualization, read the article I can’t find a boyfriend. Destroy your doubt).

I’m pretty sure that this is the kind of men you are looking for, right?


Who are those people that you like and appreciate?

Here’s something that will make you smile. Take a piece of paper and a pen and make a list of the people you like and appreciate. For each of those men and women, write the reason why you like them so much? How do they treat you? For instance, in my list there’s my best friend. That woman is affectionate and generous. I remember the day I got fired in a job (that I really liked but things were getting worse and worse every day with my new boss). I had to go back the next day to take my stuff. She wanted to come with me just to be by my side in this difficult moment. I was a bit surprised but not that much. That’s the kind of lady she is: always thinking about the others. A year after I said to her how thankful I was because she was with me. She was suppressed looking to me like saying:

That’s what you would have done if I were in the same situation.”

Yes, because I care about her. But that’s not the point. That’s how she is. She takes. But, boy, she gives so much.

She is the kind of person I want to be with. I’ve noticed that, in the last 10 years, all the women (and even the men) around me are a bit like her. Strong, respectful, sweet and a…. A little bit crazy…

My life is not boring….

Write how those people are treating you. Accept less form no man. That’s how you get respect mostly. By choosing the right persons around you, you are respecting yourself.

Ain’t gonna do you no wrong, ‘cause I don’t wanna. All I’m asking is for a little respect- Respect, Aretha Franklin.


Spend time with yourself

Another great list to write you can do is to write things you like to do. Tell me, what are the kind of restaurant you like the most (no, I’m not asking you for a date). Do you like action or romantic movies? Of course, you can’t always impose what you want to others (dictatorship is not the best ingredient to start a good relationship….). But just knowing what you like to do will change the way to move when you meet a man. Most Men love ladies who are sure of themselves. It’s like they have so much energy in them. And that energy will still be there… Well you know where…



Make a man crazy about you by respecting yourself.


Stop calling you names

If there’s a thing I don’t like to hear is a friend who calls himself or herself names. Now, I don’t like to talk to you ladies this way but if this is something that you tend to do, STOP IT! Respecting yourself starts with the way you talk to yourself.

What? Have I heard the word “stupid”, “idiot”, “boring”?

Damn it, girl, give yourself a chance! Sure sometimes, you will make a mistake and you will say:

“Well done madam! That was stupid.”

You have the right to make mistakes just like everybody else. No, it’s not funny. You can be frustrated by your decision. Use all the big words if you want to. But do not label yourself with words that you would not accept for somebody else (in fact, read the review Get A Great Guy Guide to understand why it’s best to get rid of frustration to get the man you are dreaming of). If you want that men respect you, you will have to apply that rule on yourself too. It’s that simple.


Make a man crazy about you by respecting yourself.


For all the jerks in the universe

Now, you are ready to recognize when a man disrespect you. Maybe he always calls you when his first plan doesn’t work out. The people in your list would not always use you only as a backup. This is not the way you want to be treated. This is not the way you would treat a man (you already know that respect should come from both sides, right?).

The most technique is to say exactly to the man what he does and that it won’t be accepted anymore. He will get the picture. What he will do is up to him. But anyway, he will know that you respect yourself.

Cause something that you said keep ringing in my head

Someday, your’re gonna wanna come back and you’re gonna wanna treat me fine.

Everybody needs a little respect.

Respect– Train.

Tell me, what you think about respect in dating and respect in general? Share with us your thoughts, here, in the little box below.

Now, go be a strong lady!


Jo Fontaine


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