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Real story. She’s looking for the boyfriend she wants.


When time is running by

If you want, we will talk a bit about the other team. You already know that there are 2 ways to approach the world around us emotionally (what do I mean by that? Click here to read the article that explains everything). You can be part of the “I want this” team or the “I don’t want that” team. All depends on your tendencies, of your personality.

This is the real story of a lady who’s part of the first team. Her name is AJ. She lives in UK. I think that she’s born in Nigeria.

Anyway, her mom is a sweet Nigerian lady. She’s a fascinating lady and is, in fact, the star of the story. So here we go.

AJ is 30 years old. She feels that time is running by. You know what I mean? A lot of people from the continent are in some ways pretty traditional. It’s true even for Africans living in Europe or in America.

AJ wants to have a baby. She wants to have a husband.


Looking for the boyfriend she wants.



It’s not because of all pressure she gets from her parents. Well… A bit…. Her mom says to AJ that she will keep praying until she finds the man. Then the mother tries to brace up her daughter. She says that she had her first child pretty late: at the very same age (30 years old).

Doesn’t really help, right?

So time is running by. And here’s daddy who seems to forget that he has already said that AJ’s little sister already has 2 children. Guess he will forget again the next week and the week after. Man…

But what is very special about AJ is what she is really looking for: AJ wants sweet partnership. She uses the term of teamlife to describe her desire. Sure, her parent did not have an ideal marriage (only a few have that chance). But they surely had that wonderful gift: they were a pretty good team to raise their children.

That is what AJ wants.

Romance is surely important. But it’s a plus.

Now, AJ worked a lot to get where she is right now. She’s a successful woman. Things will surely get even better in the future. So finding a man is getting harder and harder for her. What strategy should she use?

Even if she had left a lot of her ancestral tradition, she decides to follow it for this time: she asks her mom to find a husband for her.

Mom is so happy. She wants to be a grandmother again.

Let’s go”, she says, clapping her hands.

So mom flies back to Nigeria. She’s happy that the tradition is back in the family. In a lot of families, parents are still matchmakers.


Looking for the boyfriend she wants.


Caution: matchmaker and her daughter at work

Mom has found 4 men for her daughter: prince, a movie star, and a musician… and a man who lives just like a priest.

The prince is from one of the many kingdoms in Nigeria. The people of the place welcome AJ with dances, drums and beautiful songs. The show is so impressive and the people of the kingdom so pleasant that AJ starts to feel like she is, indeed, a princess.

That’s until the prince ask her to bow down…

In fact, he says that, to be a princess, she would have to submit to him as a superior (just like everybody does in the kingdom, I guess). AJ says that it’s OK if the prince does the same in front of her. In other word, the prince and the princess have to be equal.

The prince just can’t accept that proposition. OK, who’s next? Oh yes, the priest…

KC is a hardcore Christian who lives like a priest, AJ says. Of course, it means that he has never been with a woman before.  AJ thinks that dating and marrying a virgin has some good sides. I mean if you’ve been faithful to the man upstairs, you will probably not cheat on the woman in your bed, right?


There are some cons though. KC has no idea of what to do with a woman. So he reads a lot of books about how to have sex. You don’t want to be in a bed with a man holding a book to see how to get in the proper position.


Still looking

Isaac is a musician. He’s about the same age as AJ. Cool. But the problem is that he’s a mama’s boy. The first thing he does when he gets back home is to ask the women of the house:

 “Is the dinner ready yet?”

Isaac knows nothing outside of his tradition. The only way he sees men and women is through the traditional model. AJ can’t live with a man like that. Here we are at the end of the journey. The last hope: the movie star.


Timimi is hot.

That man is well-educated, funny and confident.  And the most important is that, as an actor, he works with a lot of successful women. So he’s not impressed by them. AJ is so happy to see a man who is not intimidated by her. In fact, he’s really happy for her.



So are they together? Not yet. I hope they will soon. What happens is that, right now, they both have a busy career.

I have the feeling that they will work this out. What do you think?

Share your comments in the little box below.

Talk to you soon, lady.


Jo Fontaine.


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4 thoughts on “Real story. She’s looking for the boyfriend she wants.

  1. This is a very interesting article you got in here. I was intrigued and I love how you lay down all the details in an artistic way! I will surely check back in here! Thanks!

  2. Hi!
    I’m not a traditional woman, but I do indeed find myself in the AJ’s shoes! In my 30’s, not married, never been, no children, and filling like time is going by without me accomplishing what so many other women do by or at my age!
    However I wouldn’t let my family find me a husband!!
    But your story is indeed interesting and now I’m waiting for the happily ever after… :))

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