Looking for a new boyfriend. Does your look really matter?

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Tell me the truth

Two 2 ago, a study suggested that for women, men’s looks matter. Even more than the ladies are ready to admit. I remember when I read this article back then. I smiled: all those line that I’ve heard since I’m a teen.

“What interest me is the inside: his personality.”

I once said to my sister that there’s not a lot of men who believe you, ladies. In fact, men like to use that line as a pleasantry between each other. But here is what lil sister said:

“Listen. We say what we have to say. If you don’t, people (men and women) will start to call you all kind of names. It’s not really hypocrisy like men tend to think… We have to protect ourselves, do you understand?”.

Oh, I get it… I was a bit shocked but I now understand what’s going on. Yes there are lies. But they come from both sides. Yes, men have to protect their pride too.

Men are liars!

Yes, men tend to lie about how they feel. Do you remember how Danny treats Sandy in the movie Grease. Well, there’s some truth in that movie. Danny likes in Sandy. So what’s the problem? Seems that the Australian lady is just a sweet normal girl with nothing special to talk about to the friends. In fact, Danny had to lie a lot about her physique to make his story interesting. What’s wrong with him?


Looking for a new boyfriend. Does your look really matter?


Just listen to men. You will have the impression that the only type of women they are interested in are 10s. Sure a top model walking in the street will grab their attention. You do not see them every day. But ask 100 men who they think is sexy and you notice that they will say, for instance:

Taylor Swift

Jennifer Lawrence,


Those women are clichés of what a sexy woman is supposed to be. This image is created by the music industry and Hollywood. But notice here: you have 3 women with 3 different types of body. Imagine what would be their choice in “normal” life. You already know that would see an explosion of preferences, right?… Here’s the big secret that we men want to hide.


Blah, blah, blah…

A lot of men like to brag. They say that they have met a lot of gorgeous women in their life. But most of the time, their ladies seems to be the girl next door type. Sweet, intelligent and cute. Nothing more. How come? Well like a very beautiful woman said in an interview,

“Men are easy to impress.”

Yes it’s true, lady; but not in the way you think. Our body is indeed easily impressed. In fact when you ask men a question about preference,  you will notice something very important:

Every man has a favorite female part.

It means that if you have his favorite sexy part, lady, you have a serious chance to be invited in the dance. Why?  That’s because, for a man, you don’t have to be a woman with a perfect body.

One favorite part is enough!


Looking for a new boyfriend. Does your look really matter?

Legs, shoulders, breast…

Have you noticed that men tend to fix a female part they like?

“It makes me feel like I’m a sex object”.

Yes, I know what you mean… It happens that when we are looking at you, we will not start to watch your shoes then your hair, then…. No! It’s the legs, the breast or another part… and there’s nothing else. Men with respect have learned to control themselves but the tendencies are still there: like in everything else, most men tend to focus on one point and forget all the rest.

Why it’s good news for you? Well it means you don’t have to be preoccupied with you look that much. The first thing a man will do is to look at his favorite sexy part and if you have it, his body will react: you have a serious chance with him. Again, one favorite female part is enough for a man. We are so easily impressed. The next step for us will be to know more about your personality, your confidence your attitude.

OK, we start to know each other pretty well. I know that you are saying:

“Well, Jo. It will work only  if I find a man who likes the style and the type of body I have….?”

Well, there are millions of men in the country. It means that there are thousands and thousands of different tastes and preferences. Sure, it will help a lot to use the techniques that you have learned in your copy of the ebook Conversation chemistry (you will know how to create sexual tension when you want to). But even before you meet anyone, know that there are hundreds of men who are looking exactly for the type of body you have. Believe me!


Are those 10s that lucky anyway?

So the point is that women are more interested in the look than they say. Men are less interested than what they pretend. Sure they can get wild when they see a stunning beauty in the street. The question is: are those women have more success in their love life than the others. No! It’s well-known that they are struggling to find a mate. They don’t date much more (and fact, most of them date less than the average).  Just think about it.  Imagine all those men who are scared to death to ask a sweet, normal lady to go out. They will for sure not have to balls to ask Megan Fox to go out! My point: please don’t envy those women. They have a lot of sad stories to tell…


Looking for a new boyfriend. Does your look really matter?


Stop it

The reason I write this article is to make you understand that you should not worry too much about your look. In the article Why I Can’t Find A Boyfriend? Are You Too Picky, I talked about the danger of looking for perfection in love. It’s true when you are looking for a man; it’s true when you are jugging yourself. Of course, you want to be the best version of yourself. That cool! You want to be beautiful for your family, your friends and for yourself. Like my father once said to me:

“Beauty is a gift you offer to people, son”.

Yes, dad you look great with your beautiful hat.

So do not let the idea of perfection disturb you. You don’t have to be even close to perfection. Be the best-you you can be. Accept your body.

Men are easily impressed.

One day, a colleague, Sam, confesses that he loves big women. I raise an eyebrow.

“ Oh, I see”.  Then after a pause: “ Like a beautiful 200 pounds woman?”

Sam looks at me, surprised:

“200 pounds? Only?”

That’s how we are. And we love it!

Do you have any question? Any comments? Please share them with us in the little box below.

Now, you know our weakness.

Go and find your amazing man!


Jo Fontaine


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Looking for a new boyfriend. Does your look really matter?



Looking for a new boyfriend. Does your look really matter?
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