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How to Make Your Man Listen To You

A wonderful game

This article is the following of the precedent article the #1 technique to get your man to commit to you. If you have not figured out why it’s so easy make your man want more of you, to make him listen to you this post is just right for you. You will find out how his brain works and how to play with it for his own good (he will be glad that you master this game by the way). With a simple technique you will make him understand what you want. He will still feel loved and appreciated even if you are not agreed with him.

Left or right?

Now, maybe you have heard that one.

“You make it too easy for him. He has to work to own you. Men are hunter. It they feel that it’s too easy, they will lose their interest of you”.

Well take a lot around you. Ask some questions to the ladies who have found their man. You will find out that most of them have found love naturally (if I can say it that way). They didn’t have to play any kind of game. So you say to yourself:

“That advice seems so good. But at the same time, it doesn’t feel right… I don’t understand…”

On one side, some so called specialists say that you should not always be there for him. You should not give too much attention because one day or another, he will back off. But, on the other side, if you play the HTG game (hard to get), you are playing with fire. He will eventually get tired of the quality of relation he has with you. It doesn’t matter how great you look; he will look for another lady.

She might say she loves me, she don’t love me like she say she love me”. Drake


How to Make Your Man Listen To You


That’s what we are looking for

What do you do when you feel that both advice make sense? How can it be? Yes, it’s true: most men are hunter. But what they want is not necessarily you. Bam! Yes, I have said it. But before you feel hurt, let me explain to you what I mean by that.

Think about your own emotions. Let’s say that you want that colleague who works two desks in front of you. He’s so sweet, so handsome. He seems to treat people well in the office. He’s funny with the clients. Everybody loves him (especially you). Just thinking of him makes you feel great. It’s getting hot when he talks to you. It doesn’t matter if the subject of the discussion is about the next report you will have to write. He has such a sexy way of talking about boring stuffs… Yes,

“Sexy is kind of like an aura around someone.”- Shane West

No doubt, he has it all. Do you realize how fantastic you feel when you think about a guy you really like? This is why he’s so important for you: when he’s around something happens inside of you. That great energy feels so good! You are first attracted by your own emotions.

No, you are not selfish. That’s how we, humans, are. We care about our emotions first. For instance, it just breaks your heart to hear a baby crying because his teeth are emerging. All you think about is trying to ease this suffering.

It’s all about the emotions.

Men are not different. It seems that they are chasing you. They are, in fact, chasing an emotion. Once they get that emotion, they are satisfied. And they want more…

You, lady, are the best provider of that kind of emotion…

How wonderful you are! But…

Now in the precedent article explained how important it is to show your appreciation. Men need a reason to act. The better that reason is, the most he’s willing to do something. Remember that, for a man, the best reason there is to do anything is to get that wonderful feeling of being a knight, a high class lover.

The feeling of being that THE man. It’s even better that sex.

Fulfill that need: he will want more of your kind words and your feedback.

You already know how to show appreciation. But how do you tell your man that you would like some changes? How do you share your concerns?  Here are some ideas.


How to Make Your Man Listen To You


Positive feedback are safe- if done at the right time.

“Wow! She’s so sweet. And there’s no BS with her…”

This is the kind of reaction that you are looking for. You know, what is great with positive feedback is that you can openly talk about your concerns and your man will still feel appreciated. In fact, this is so true that you can give positive feedback in front of your neighbours and your friends with no problems at all.  So when you feel the need to give some feedback, just give them right away. Do not wait. The timing is one of the best ingredients to create that positive vibe.


Yes, but…

There no need to use the famous ratio 3 for 1 (3 positives things for one negative). It works if you are a teacher or a team leader at work. It would not feel natural at home. What you can do, though, is to emphasize something that you like and then share your feeling about what you don’t like with a tone that it doesn’t matter that much. The goal is to make him say:

“What do you mean?”

For instance, let’s say that, next week, your boyfriends and you will assist to your nephew’s graduation. You like his new suit but not his shoes.

“You will be so hot in that suit, baby! But… hum… Not I not sure about those shoes…”

And you stop it here.

If he asks no question, say…

“Really not sure, tiger

Mixing sexy words, true appreciation and add something that you do not like will always make wonder if it’s well done.

When you feel that he’s open for a suggestion, just give it using the same kind of mix of words and feelings that you have just given.

Not only will he feel great. But you will sound like a sexy and positive and strong woman.  The kind of women guys love to be with.

Of course, according to the situation, you will have to change the words and the expressions. But you don’t have to worry about finding great idea. You copy of the eBook conversation chemistry is full pack of great ideas to ready to be used on a day to day basis.

But now, you have the  basic formula.

Find something that you really like, say it, share your concern and make him understand that he’s the man.

Now you understand how to pull the right strings with your man.

Go and have wonderful moments with your sweety.


Jo Fontaine


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