How to make a man miss you

Bitter chocolate

“Lord, I miss you.”The Rolling Stones. Miss You.

This is a question that you, lady, have probably asked yourself at least once.

“What can I do so he misses me?”

Well I got to admit it. This question will sound weird to most men. Some of us will try get it.  They will think about it a bit. OK, you want him to think about you. Very hard. You want him to think about you so much that he will suffer because you are not around him. Isn’t that romantic? Right?

Girl, why the heck you would want that your man suffer? Don’t you care about him?

That been said, there is a way to make your man miss you. He will think about you, we will remember how fantastic you are. He will feel in his bone how special and beautiful you are. He will think about all those beautiful moments with a smile in his face.  Even if it hurts a bit because you are not around.

Sure there are many ways to be a fantastic girlfriend. But one of them is definitively this one: you give some delicious chocolate; sweet and lightly bitter.

“OK, Jo but how to do that?”

Lady, this is exactly what I’m intended to show you right now.


How to make a man miss you


What do you want?

A lot of people on the net seem to confuse two different desires. Do you want to hurt your ex-boyfriend or do you want that your man vibrate like a fast car engine when you are not around.

“That woman! When I will see her, hmmm… I just can’t wait.”

Today, I will talk about getting the man think about you. A lot. Those techniques can be used if you want your boyfriend back or if you want to hurt him. But they will work only if you have used those tricks when you were still in couple.


Slow to answer to the phone.

“I just call to say how much I care”.- Stevie Wonder. I Just Call.

Usually this is a technique that you will hear everywhere:

“Do not answer to the phone when he calls. Make him wait. Better: stop calling him. He will miss you and then, he will call you, wondering what’s going on.”

That true. That technique will work. For as long as mister right is not fed up…

Realize that on your side, you want him to miss you. That would be a sign that he loves you. That he cares about you. But the message that you give to your man, on the long term, is this one:

“She just doesn’t care”.

This is the main reason why my bassist broke up last month. He had the feeling that he was the only person interested in being in couple. I broke up with a woman for the same reason a few years ago.

If you are not interest in the man who is calling you, well that’s another story. I will never judge you: you’re my friend. But if you think that this is the right one or that this is a good man, try to remember this. Balance is everything. (To learn more about balance, click here)

Sweetness and a little of bitterest.

Closeness and distance. Love and independence.

You will have to make him smile when he says:

“She’s so sweet. I miss her…”

So yes, do not answer right away when he calls. Let him talk to your answering machine; at least, he will hear your voice (it’s your sweet voice on your answering machine, right?).

But sometimes, do answer. Right away. He will feel that you care about him. It’s just that you have things to do sometimes.

Do you have to say why you have not answered? Sometimes find a reason. Some other time, just say that you couldn’t answer right away.

The goal, here, is to say that you have a life. But at the same time, use all the knowledge that you have learned on this site and in the book conversation chemistry to make him understand this:

Hey, handsome. You are a part of my life too.”



Hanging first and cutting off communication.

“When you talk to him be always the first to hang up. He will miss you.”

Again, yes, it will work. Until he starts to think:

“She doesn’t want to talk to me”.

Soon or later, he will dump you. Hope that that man was not mister right…

Sure you want to show him that you are independent and you want him to miss you a bit. But again, sometime, talk for as long as you want to. Have fun. Make him understand that you love to hear his voice. Then another day:

“Sorry honey, I have to go. I love you, baby. Call me OK? “.

Balance create such a succulent fruit, girl. Men just love it.

Learn when and how to cut off communication with elegance and sweetness; he will miss you, girl. Guaranteed.

You will be able to play that game forever.


How to make a man miss you


Scent signature

Maybe you already know that a newborn child recognize his (her) mother by her voice. But do you know that baby know that mom’s around only by her smell? I mean, have you ever thought that the odor can be a kind of signature? Sure when we grow up, we lose a lot of our nose, so to speak. But we still remember people by the perfume they usually use.

“I like the perfume of this deodorant. It smells… Well, it smells like you…”

I was touched when a woman told me that. I don’t know why…

Do you have a favorite perfume? He likes it? Even better! Use it every time you see him. This will be like a tradition. Your perfume will be engraved in his brain. He will “smell” you when he’s alone in his bed, when he goes to his job, when he’s bored at the office.  He will miss you.

What a wonderful gift you are offering him.


How to make a man miss you


Your stuff

What can I do? I’ve been thinking about you…” – London Beat. I’ve been thinking about you.

This is such a common technique that I wasn’t sure if I would talk about it. It seems that almost all of you, ladies, know that one! Leave some of your stuff in his apartment. Now imagine. Your man is such a sweet person. And he sees your hair brush, or even one of your favorite teddy bear. He can’t help it. He smiles and thinks about you. But you are not here. So he misses you.

Do you realize that you do not have to manipulate someone who cares about? All you have to do is to leave something behind for him, so he thinks about you.

You know, the things that you leave behind do not have to be only physical.  Think about music for instance. Let’s say that that your favorite music is Motown. He knows because every time you hear Dancing In The Street you start to dance over the sofa.

What do you think will happen the next time he will hear Marvin Gaye or Stevie Wonder?

Told you, girl. We are always thinking about you. All you got to do is to make us think harder.

Just be yourself, have fun. Your man will do the rest of the job.

They are a lot of other techniques. I will share those ideas in another article. Do you have any comments? Any questions? Leave them in the little box below. I will be happy to answer them.

Now, lady, go. And find your amazing man.

Jo Fontaine


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