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How To Know If A Man Loves Me?

feat. How To Know If A Man Loves Me_


I’m stunned.

No kidding! So here I’m looking a pin on Pinterest (by the way, here is my account feel free to follow me). Well, one thing I can say is that this pin is cute. See, there are two columns. On one side, there is what a lady should expect from her man. On the other side, what a man should do to be a gentleman.

The list was so long that I raised a brow.

But you know what? I asked myself why a man would do all that stuff.

“Because that’s what a man would do if he really loves”, you say, right?

Yes, lady”, I will answer you. “But this is not a responsibility he has. This is not really what he has to do.

Understand that and you will know if a man really loves you.


How To Know If A Man Loves Me?


It starts right here

You already know that, the first step you will have to do when you meet a man is to look how he treats you. You are even aware that you should do more than that, right? You should look how he treats people around him ( read the article 5 Signs he’s the right guy for you to know more). So you look how he talks to the waiter in the restaurant. How he interacts with people in the subway. a couple of months, you start to observe how he How To Know If A Man Loves Me 1treats her mother, her sister.

“Why are you talking about that, Jo? I just want to know it the cute man I worked with is in love with me”.

Well, the reason I’m talking about those things is that an intelligent man will always act in a certain way with you. He knows what you expect. He will be the perfect gentleman. The way he behaves is not necessarily a sign that he loves you. Maybe he’s just kind.

Or he could be a sophisticated douche… (this is not the expression I wanted to use but I guess I have to be careful with the words I use….)

You will have to watch the state of mind he is when he interacts with his friend.  This vibration he has will give you a good sign of how he feels when he’s with people he really cares about.

Following me?

Those people he cares about are the people he wants to be with. He acts in a certain way not because he has to but because he feels that this is the natural way to behave. In other words, he feels that treating his friends and his family well is a pleasure.

This is the big word: pleasure.

For us, men, nothing is free (I should say that it’s true for every human being). The best action is the one that we will make because we have pleasure to do it. It just feels right. It feels great.


You and his friends.

How to know if a man is really in love with you? Do you feel that he has pleasure when he’s kind to you? Can you tell if he feels great when he’s with you? Well asking will not really help you. I know you ladies. You will never feel secure with the answer he gives you. You will want to ask the question again.  And again…

So you will have to take your time and see the signHow To Know If A Man Loves Me 2s.

Here’s a great sign: do you have the impression that he, in some ways, neglects his friend to be with you? I remember. It was about 10 years ago.  I was invited to go out with my colleagues and friends. I gently turned down the invitation. Once again…

“Jo has now a girlfriend and he doesn’t want to admit it”, said Philip, a good friend of mine.

I realized this day that I was single no more. My girlfriend back then and I have not even talked about being officially in couple. We have just started dating a couple of time, then I was hooked. Sure I still had fun with the boys. But I wanted to be with her too. Every minute seemed so wonderful with her. Those moments were fantastic! Those guys could not compete with her (and they knew it).

I was not with her because that’s what a man should do when he’s in love. It was all about to be the pleasure to hold her and to hug her I felt inside. A man wants to give himself all the chances to feel better inside. If you have noticed that your man seems to feel this way then he’s with you, you know for sure that he loves you.



Help! I need somebody. Not anybody” Help– The Beatles

Another great sign is the way he reacts when you feel bad or when you are in a bad situation. How fast does he react? Now here, I do not saying that he will have to find a solution for you because “he’s the man”. Just look at him. Is he concerned by your situation? How quick is he to propose some help (even if his idea is totally ridiculous)? Does it come from the heart? Sometimes, he will not propose anything: he’s so worried that he can say a word. He will think that he’s a man; he should do something. But what?

“I don’t know… I don’t know…”

So he feels that he’s letting you down in some way, that’s another sign. See that reaction in his eyes and you will find a great sign that he’s in love.

You really want to know how a man feels about you? Look how he reacts when you will live a difficult moment.

Sure, there are other very important signs that he’s really in love with you.  You have to know them but I don’t really have to make a list here. All you have to do is to take your copy of the Get A Great Guy Guide.

Do you have a question? Any comments? Please share your thoughts with us in the little box below.

Now you know what to look for to know if he loves you.

Go and find your amazing man!


Jo Fontaine


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How To Know If A Man Loves Me_

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