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How to find your perfect boyfriend – do not miss that first step!

feat How to find your perfect boyfriend

Listen. Sure, do you want to find the perfect boyfriend, you perfect husband. But you will have to start your research by answering this important question: do you know what perfection is?

“Yes Jo, you say. I already know what perfection is. That’s why I’m looking for a perfect boyfriend”

Wait a second, lady! Prepare yourself to have a surprise! After that article is read, I guarantee that you will have a new idea of the type of men you are looking. You will you know exactly what perfection is all about in a relationship. You will have made the first step to find your perfect boyfriend. Let’s start!

A journey of a thousand step begins with a single step”- Confucius


 A little talk about love and perfection

“You drive me with perfection” Cher– Perfection

Say those two words in your head: men, perfection. What image man comes in your mind? I pretty sure that the first one will have to do with his look; maybe his warm smile. Now, a movie in your head starts. What is it? You think about the way he treats you, the way he behaves.

You know what? It’s normal.

Those pictures are your desires in images. They are your dreams. It’s your ego speaking. Please notice that on this site, I will rarely talk about the ego in negative way. So I’m not judging you for having desires and dreams. We all have. Just realize that your ego is working right now.

But, here is the thing: in a relationship, you are not alone. A couple is you plus someone else.How to find your perfect boyfriend 3

Let’s say it bluntly: perfect for you is not necessarily perfect for your future couple. Let’s take an example. You want a man who listens to you. Fine. In my article talking the movie Julie and Julia, I describe 2 men. One day, they decide to refuse to listen to their wives. Oh, they loved their ladies! They just can’t accept what is going on in their couple.  This example, here, is to show you that you may need a man who will be able to stop listening to you and will not be scared to kick your sweet behind when it’s time: sometime we need some help to get back on our feet and continue to pursue our dreams.

Now you start to feel the difference between what you think is perfection in a man and what is perfect for you couple.

The perfect boyfriend: the definition

So what is a perfect boyfriend?  It’s a man who creates a perfect love team with you. See a couple like a softball team. You may have the best pitcher; your team will go nowhere if you don’t have all the ingredients necessary to win the trophy. Some players are lousy in defense; but they are the best hitter you can find. Your couple is just like a team. He may have some flaws that you can compensate with your abilities. And vice versa…


The secret to know if he’s the perfect man for you.

Here we are. We are about to find out the secret ingredient that make a guy perfect for you.

I have said that you need to see your couple as a “love team”.  For sure, you have some flaws as a player (we all have). Now, here is that cute guy coming. He’s able notices after a couple of dates your weaknesses. In fact, he sees more your qualities. He’s willing to have you as a love partner. Why? Because he says in his head:

“I know about her flaws. Nobody’s perfect. I know about those troubles I will get in. It doesn’t matter: I have what it takes to dealHow to find your perfect boyfriend 5 with that. Anyway, she’s so incredible.”

The man with that attitude is the perfect one for you. Don’t let him go: you may have a serious candidate to be titled as “the perfect man of my life”.

But a last ingredient to the perfect recipe, thought…

What about his weaknesses? Are you will to accept them? Are his qualities so lovable that you can easily deal with his bad habits, his insecurities? If your answer is “yes”, it means that you are about to build a perfect love team.

Remember. A perfect man does not exist without a perfect woman and vice versa. In a couple, both exist because they are perfect for each other.


The conclusion of this article is this: in relationship, perfection is not all about your personal dreams and ego. It’s about the quality of your couple. It about how well the pieces fit together. At this moment, you will realize that this is what you have always wanted. Now, a perfect man for you will never exist if you can’t the perfect woman for him. A perfect man is a man who’s creates a great “love team” with you.  A perfect love team is created when both have what it takes to deal with the weakness of the other. Anyway, the qualities of the loved one are so incredible!

Do you have any question? Any comment? Please write them in the little white box below.

Now you know what perfection is all about.

Go, lady! Find your amazing man!


Jo Fontaine.


P.S. You know what, words are well crafted. Take the word perfection, for instance. It comes from the Latin word perfectio.  That word means something like “completely achieved”. It means that something was in a process at first. Something is about to be created. What is it? In your case, it’s your couple. So, a perfect couple would be a “love team” that is completely achieved. 

P.S.S  What? You have not seen Julie and Julia yet! Click here to see the trailer.


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How to find your perfect boyfriend do not miss this first step 2


How to find your perfect boyfriend 4


How to find your perfect boyfriend do not miss this first step

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