How to find your man with your eyes closed

feat. How to find your man with your eyes closed

Here’s something new

“Jo, I was in an amazing meetup last evening”.

I raise an eyebrow. The lady talking to me is Helena. She’s a sweet 36 years old lady. Like a lot of women of her age, she is looking for the man of her life. Now I have to tell you this: Helena is someone who never exaggerates. Well almost never…

“What is it, I ask after a second”?How to find your man with closed eyes 3

“Well, its call Mingle In The Dark. I think it’s going to be the next big thing. I mean, if it’s not a success right now, it will happen very soon!”

Imagine how intrigued I am. I feel almost hypnotized by what she says. I just want to learn more.

“So what is Mingle In The Dark, I ask”?

See, this kind of evening is like a blind date event. I mean literally. The host joints you when you come near the door to get in the room. She puts a mask on your face so you can’t see a thing. Then, the host guides you in the room so you can find the place that has been reserved for you (by the way, the room itself is in the dark. So, you can’t cheat). Once you are sited at your place, you feel that your ears will be the only tools available if you want to know what’s going on”.

“But how do you start a conversation with the people in the room, I ask”?

“I will tell you, I will tell you, says Helena.  So you are at your place. You start to understand that there are 7 persons at your table. If you pay attention to the voices, you can even know how many men and women are around you. “

Now, it’s time to talk. It’s time to learn the most about those guys near you. You will have to start a conversation fast because, in about 15 minutes, the host or one of her associate will come near you and guide you to another table.

The Benefits

What is great about mingle in the dark is that this new type of event will put you out of your routine. Prepare yourself. You will feel awkward when you will start to talk to a man. Now a great benefit of this new type of dating is that some of your prejudices and preferences will become irrelevant. You have no choice: you will have to go beyond the look. Let’s say that you hate men with mustaches. Well it’s possible that the very warm and charming man you are talking to is one of them. But you have no clue! The only thing that you notice is this great personality, his beautiful voice.

The other great benefit of mingle in the dark is that it’s great for shy people. In fact, this is almost the same argument I talked before but in reverse. The man will not see you. It means that they will not be too judgmental before they have talked to you. In other words, you will have the time to talk to 6 to 10 men before anybody sees you. This is great. No need to have the fear of rejection.

How to find your man with closed eyes

The disadvantage

Now how about the disadvantage? Well, at first, you may feel a bit unsettled. Almost speechless… Sure, Helena has read the eBook that I have suggested a couple of days before. Conversation Chemistry is perfect when you find yourself in a date that is like nothing you have experienced before: this is the moment when you will need some help to start and maintain a discussion.

The other problem is that a lot of people feel insecure when they are in the dark. Remember that, when you see nothing, your ears are the tools you have to understand what going on around you. For many men and women, this is not enough. Fear gets in the experience. If that’s your case, you better leave that new type of dating for someone else.

The other problem is the noise. Have you noticed that some people raise their voice when they are on the phone? They feel that if they can’t see the other person, it’s because they are far away: they need to talk louder. I call this phenomenon the Distance syndrome.

Well, a lot of people have that Distance Syndrome in a Mingle In The Dark event. If you have sensible ears, maybe this kind of event is not right for you.


Just like Helena, I don’t know if Mingle In The Dark is a trend right now. But for sure, if it’s not, it will be soon! The reason is that, at the end of the evening, men and women have changed place 2-3 times.  The majority is very satisfied and amused by their experience. Most likely, this is the state of mind you will be when you will leave the room. You will feel like you have supers ears as you pass the door. You will be able to identify some voices.

“A man turned and looked at me. Then he said: hey, you are Helena, right”?

Time to exchange your phone numbers.

You want to give a try? Go to and find a Mingle In The Dark event near you. At the moment of this article, you will not find many of them. But keep looking. You will not regret it.

Do you have any question? Any comments? There is a little white box below. Don’t be shy and share your thoughts.

Now, you know how fun meeting men in the dark can be.

Go and find your amazing man!


Jo Fontaine.


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How to find your man with your eyes closed
How to find your man with your eyes closed 4
How to find your man with your eyes closed 2
How to find your man with your eyes closed 1
How to find your man with closed eyes 3

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