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How To Find The Right Man Using The Power Of Synergy.

feat How To Find The Right Man Using The Power Of Synergy.

“You can’t lose at love” You can’t lose at love – Jon Jovi

After an hour of discussion about how to find the right man, here’s my cousin who has a great flash. I ‘m still surprised about that brilliant idea. This is the great tool that I want to share with you today. It can change your life.  So it all starts with that horrible feeling that stings you when you think that you are the only one who has not found a man yet. I want to show you how and why that technique might be very useful for you.

You are not alone

Imagine. You find yourself in a house party. The music is loud. The house is full packed of friends, friend of friends and colleagues. But it seems that, finally, you don’t know haft of the people here. Those new faces are men and women that are invited. You suddenly realize that there are a lot of couples.

Now you feel more alone than ever

The thing is that you are not alone. In your city, they are thousands of men and women who are looking for their perfect love partner.  The problem is that everybody is looking on their own side.

All for one

“All for one, one for all- that is our motto, is it not?” The three musketeers Alexandre Dumas

How To Find The Right Man Using The Power Of Synergy 1Take a look around you the next time you go in a park. You know when the sun is warm and the birds are chirping? There is a good chance that you observe a group of mother who are talking, sited on a public bank. Around them, there are half a dozen of pushchairs. What are those ladies doing? It seems that they like to get together once or twice a week just to talk. Well, this is exactly what they do.

When they meet, those mothers talk about their joy of being a mother. They talk about their difficulties; they give each other some encouragement. That woman has a great solution. That lady has discovered a new product; she shares the information with the others. In other words, those mothers use the power of synergy to overcome any difficult situations, to become better moms.

But this power of synergy seems to be rarely
used by singles. Time to change that, don’t you think?

The power of synergy

OK, so what is synergy? There is synergy when you take two components and mixed them. The effect you observe is more than if you take the action of the two components and add them. Let’s take a simple example. You like to go to the gym. Your friend too. But you always go on your side, alone. OneHow To Find The Right Man Using The Power Of Synergy 2 day, your friend invites you to go with her. A magic happens. Never would you have thought that training could be that fun.  I mean, hey! you feel even more motivated. You train harder. You start to feel the positive effect of that new way to stay in shape. This is the power of synergy.

Here is another example. Just think about dancing. Dancing alone is OK. But when you are two, hum

You surely can use that power of synergy when are looking to find the man of your life. Your goal will be to find men and women who are looking for a love partner; people who dream to start a family. You want to start a group that will be able to create positive energy for every member. You will help each other just like the new moms do when they meet.

Recently, I have made some research. I wanted to support groups organized by single person. Not a great success… Unfortunately, most of the so call social groups of singles are created by event organizer. But wait! Do not despair if you have problem to find support groups for singles in your area. If you can join a gang, you always can create your own.


Your own crew

Time to be a gangsta! Better: you will be the Original One. The benefits of creating your own group are:

  • You control the quality of your group. You decide who will be the members.
  • You decide what will be the rules of your group
  • You don’t have to wait to create a meeting. You call the shots.

How can you create your group? First, write the rules of your group. I would suggest that you write that your group is not a dumpster where everybody will throw his/her frustration. That group, the members will be there to help each other in difficult moment. Everybody will have to share their experience, their new ideas to find quality men, and women. In other words, the members must have a kind of positive state of mind even if it’s difficult to be alone. Now, there are a few places where you can find members for your group.

Remember: your group is not a dumpster

#1 Craigslist

This site has been there for a while. For you, ladies, who have no idea of what I’m talking about, think of Craigslist as a kind of classified ads section in a newspaper. This site is very popular and many people have started their groups and businesses posting ads on craigslist. I’m one of them. The problem is that many weird people crawl on this site. Prepare yourself to receive some idiotic messages. Write a kind of questionnaire that you will send to those who are interested. You want to select the men and women who merit your time. Oh, by the way: you don’t have to give your personal information right away. Talk a little on the platform.

#2 Facebook page

Well, it will be harder to start a group with Facebook. At least for free. But if can spend a few dollars every month, you will, for sure, create a solid group. Here, your goal will be to create a Facebook page and then put some ads on Facebook. Only the people that you target will be able to see your ads. Now, running an ad on Facebook is not free but it’s not that expensive either. I will not explain how to run ads but click here to watch a tutorial that will explain how to do it.

#3 meetup group

This technique is the fastest solution to create a group. But it’s the most expensive too. Start a group on and in you will see some reaction in a few of days. You will see notices that say that people are interested to be part of your group. Just realize that all the members of your group will not necessarily come when you organize a meetup. That’s the problem with People there are kind of fickle…


Create your own group is maybe the best solution if you feel that you need some support, some positive vibes. Do not be ashamed to use that idea. Anyway, a lot of event organizers have started their dating business because they could not find a man or a woman.  Enough said!

Now you know that you need to become a gangsta
lady, right?

Go create your crew and find your amazing man!


Jo Fontaine


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How To Find The Right Man Using The Power Of Synergy

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