How to find the perfect mate. Be irresistible.

I’ve been thinking a while about helping women who want to find their perfect mate

It all started because of two people I love: my sister and my best friend.

I still mediate, observe, ask questions and write about this problem today. Like I said, this is almost personal.

What can make you irresistible?

Usually you will hear that man are more attracted by the appearance. That’s a part of the truth.

Men are attracted by the behavior and the attitude a woman have.

Let me explain.


Be a man magnet

Now, just like you will find all kind of women with different taste, you will find all type of man. One is more masculine. He has more testosterone. The other has less. Those two men will look at you differently. Their choice will be different when they will look for a girlfriend.

But in general, remember this: to seduce a man, appearance, behavior and attitude must build sexual tension. It doesn’t matter where you are looking you man: in church, in a bar, or a club. This rule is there to stay!

Now, here is the secret for you: most men love cute girls. You have no idea the effect you can have on men just by being cute!

You see, most men like to show the tough side of them. It’s the way that we act to protect ourselves. At the same time, we want to show that tough attitude just to say that we would make a perfect mate.

Another aspect of man is that desire to be a knight for her lady. (I’m totally aware of this aspect of my personality!) . We want to protect people we love. Now, be cute and you will make a man fight all the dragons in the world.

In other words, behave in a cute and feminine manner and you will boost his protective instinct to the top!

Men just love to feel that protective instinct. They almost say like Rocky Balboa:


“Let me be a man”.




Be irresistible



Being cute is not being weak.


A man wants to be around you.

He wants to make you feel protected and loved.

You are everything for her!

Does that make you a weak woman?

Not at all!

Cute is just a sweet love game. You mix the right attitude and the right behavior to satisfy your man. How? Make him feel your vulnerable side. He will for sure get the signal. His mind will connect with that part of your personality that you reveal. He will feel that raw energy he loves so much: the need to protect his lady. But on your side, you just stay the strong woman that you are.

Following me?

(To know more technique to make a man crazy about you, read the article How to make a man fall in love with you).

Be irresistible


Be cute. The Emma formula.

Now, again, by cute I do not mean submissive or weak. It’s just a little aspect of you that you are ready to pull off and add to you allure.

Your perfect weapon to be more desirable.

Click here and you will see a IMDb list of female stars that have the reputation of being cute. You will find here another list form

You will notice a name on those lists: Emma Watson.

  • Emma is well-known as a feminist.
  • She’s a strong woman.
  • She likes to study.
  • She’s not afraid to say what she thinks.

But she really knows how to be cute.


“My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal, the more people can wonder.”- Emma Watson.


I’m very romantic and of course, I want to be in love.”- Emma Watson.



Hermione is a great character. In the movies and maybe even more the books, you will see that she is not afraid to show her insecurity. But she is always ready to fight for what she thinks is right. As the Harry potter saga goes on, she becomes stronger and event…. cuter…


“Young girls are told to be delicate princess. Hermione taught them that you can be a warrior. “ – Emma Watson.


What a quote! No?

Here a last one to show how strong that actress is.


“The saddest thing a girl can do is dumb herself down for a guy”.



Now do you think that men are afraid of her because she’s a strong lady? No!

Men are crazy about her.

Look in this video how Emma uses the strong and cute attitude to seduce the audience. Her performance is a real masterpiece.




Some tips to be as cute as you want to be.

Some of those ideas sound silly.

But if works, it works!

  • Run your fingers in your hair delicately. Men love that!
  • You surely have a beautiful smile. Use it.
  • For man, some colors are cute. Like softer pastel colors. Keep that in mind when you buy your clothes. Those colors will make you look more likable.
  • Use the ideas that Emma teach. Be strong when you have to deal with your own things. Show you vulnerable side when you are with him.
  • Try to show off your curves. But in a way that you feel great about yourself. In another word, they are many ways to be sexy. Jenifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and Tina fey are all cute; they are sexy in their own style. What I mean is that you do not have to wear miniskirts to be sexy. A lot of man love those types of every day long dresses (remember the cute colors).
  • Have fun. You don’t have to be a party girl. But still, man like to think that they are with a girl that just likes to have fun sometimes. Go hang out with your friends to get in that mood. The man of your dream will surely notice you when he will feel that great vibe around you.
  • Be proud. Yes. Do not be ashamed of your weaknesses. Are you a bit clumsy? Be proud of it. Have fun with what happens to you. If there is one lesson that Jennifer Lawrence teaches, it’s this one. And it works ( for instance, see this video).
  • Ask help. I will talk a bit more about that phenomenon later. But man have a chivalrous side. Use it. Drop a few books. With your sweet smile ask him to help you and he will feel that urge to be there for you. Of course, don’t overdo it. If you ask yourself “isn’t that manipulation?” I will answer you this: helping a cute woman is a great experience for a man.

You know how to create a great sensation in the man heart. But the best is to put together all those techniques with the art of feeling great inside, like this review explains. Do that and you will become a man magnet!

Now go, and find you amazing man.



Jo Fontaine.

P.S  What about cute actors? Click here to see a list. Tell me if you like that it.

P.P.S. Emma Watson, Emma Stone. They are so much Emmas…


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