How To Find A Man? Stop Doing That Mistake And You Will Find Him.

feat. How To Find A Man- Stop Doing That Mistake

The biggest secret ever

This post will get straight to the point. I want to give you one of the biggest secret there is to find a man fast. Oh, that idea is simple; the hardest part will be to make the first step and stick to your plan.

Take a moment and listen to your inner dialogue (the way you talk in your head). How many times are you complaining about your love life? I suppose that, most of the time, it happens when you quit your office.  This is when you start again the record in your head: you say that men are jerks, that most of them seem to have no ambition…

Listen, lady. You have no choice: you will have to stop moaning about your love life.

This attitude is hurting you.

You already know that your inner dialogue will establish the quality of the relation you have with men (to read more about that read the article Make a man crazy about you by respecting yourself).  Let’s see how a bad mindset is a disaster for your love life.


1.You are so sure about your opinions

Like everybody, you have your own point of views, your own opinions about relationship. But when you are in the “whining mode”, your mind lacksHow To Find A Man- Stop Doing That Mistake 4 flexibility. It’s like is not ready to accept any fresh ideas or different approaches. You think that you could write a book about how it’s difficult to start a family in this society. Everything goes so fast! Men are not keepers anymore. Back in the days, things were different. Yes, you think that you see things clearly.

Even if you see people getting together all the time.

“We’ll see in a few months”, you say.

Having strong opinions is not necessarily a bad thing. But think about that rule:

An opinion that you adopt is always wrong if it makes you feel bad.


 2.No, you don’t see what’s going on.

So moaning all the time about your love life is the biggest mistake you can make. This mindset creates a perception of the world that is totally unproductive for you. It’s like you when you wear sunglasses. You think you are cool. Everything you see feels real. But all the colors you see are wrong.

You know what? Moaning is a attitude that you can’t afford. Here’s a story that happened last week to illustrate my point.


Arnaud and Sonia

Arnaud is French. After his third visit in North America, he settles in Canada, Montreal. I think it’s for good because, now, he wants to find a girlfriend.

Arnaud is sweet man. He’s very shy. When he speaks English, you can hear his French accent; you want to smile. I mean, it sounds pretty sexy. But he struggles with women. So after a long discussion, he finally tells me to try speed-dating.

The place is crowed. No doubt, the event is a success! But Arnaud is not sure about his table. He’s the only guy. 4 women are with him. Well, that’s a good thing, you would say. Well, not for Arnaud. The ladies are ignoring him. They prefer to talk about how it’s difficult to find a man. They compare their awful experiences. Every time a woman finishes her story, the others shake sadly their heads.

Arnaud drinks his rum & coke in silence. In fact, he’s totally speechless: he has been ignored in the past. But not to that point.

Haft an hour later, a woman comes near the table. She takes the empty chair near Arnaud. She’s in her mid 30s; she looks look cute with her messy hair.

“Sorry I had to take a nap. Bad day at the office…”

Arnaud smiles.

There a place, here, where you can sleep?”

The woman nods.

Yes. There’s a leather sofa in the back. It’s pretty comfortable.”

So this is how they start to talk. Her name is Sofia. She’s an architect. Arnaud is pretty impressed; he wants to know more about her.  How To Find A Man- Stop Doing That Mistake 2

Meanwhile, the 4 other ladies are keeping complaining about their love life.

At one point, Arnaud talks about the first hobby he had started to practice, once installed in Montreal; Volleyball.

Sofia raises an eyebrow. Volleyball? Hum… Why not trying something different? Suddenly, Arnaud has a date.

This is the moment when the other women notice that something is going on at their table.

I’m going to play volleyball this Sunday with this gentleman”, says Sofia, smiling.

For a few seconds, nobody says anything.

Well, it’s better than nothing”, mumbles finally one of the other ladies.

The point of this story is this: Don’t be one of those women.

Be like Sofia.


Conclusion: What you can do about it

What can you do once you have made the decision to stop complaining all the time about your dates? Here, the article 10 ways to complain less can be very useful.

In this article, author Lauren Stewart says that you should be ashamed of your feeling even if you have made the decision to stop complaining about your life.

I think she’s right. Nothing stops you to share your feeling with your friends. What you don’t want is to be stuck with this negative attitude.

Continue to pay attention to your thoughts, to your physical language. Practice a new sport. Be happy for the things you already have. Just do things that you love to do.

In other words, practice happiness and you will suddenly start to see occasions to meet men everywhere you go.

Now you know that a strong woman do not let a good opportunity pass by.

Go! And find your amazing man.


Jo Fontaine


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How To Find A Man- Stop Doing That Mistake



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