How to find a husband in Canada

How to find a husband in Canada

In the north

If you are asking yourself how to find a husband in Canada, here is what I will say to you:

“What is the first idea that comes to your mind about Canadians?”

You will probably have a picture popping in your head, no? It is somewhat a cliché but maybe you are not too far from the truth. In general, Canadian men are very polite. They are respectful, tolerant, charming. They are proud to be good fathers.

But not exactly like the American dads are.

They feel that it is important to be close to their kids. It’s not really a matter of religion or a duty.

Canada was built around a very simple premise. A premise that you can work hard and succeed and build a future to yourselves and your kids, and that future for your kids would be better than the one you had”.- Justin Trudeau

Well maybe Trudeau is just a politician talking here. But he describes the mentality of men here in the north. You certainly can be part of it. So here are some tips to find a husband in Canada.

Know where the singles are.

Like everywhere in the world, there are some places better than others to find single men. Canadians have a cool site to find all kind of information about the population. This site is Statistics Canada

If you want to learn more about the country, do not hesitate to click here.

But I will give the most important information you need in this article.

First, for the age between 19 and 35 there are more single men than single women in the country. Good for you, no?

But here are the best places to find a man in Canada

Maybe that Cold Lake in Alberta is too far for you (there are about 6 women for 10 men in this city). So you can start to hunt your husband in the biggest cities of the Canada. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have the most single men. Here are the number of unmarried man who are not in a common-law relationship (let’s say, not living with a woman). Those numbers were compiled in 2016.
















Ottawa – Gatineau



Ottawa – Gatineau (Ontario part)











Of course, it doesn’t mean that it will be easy for you to find the right husband. Those numbers are just saying that you have the maths on your side here in Canada.

How to find a husband in Canada

Go and visit

Canada is the best country in the world – Justin Bieber

Sorry for that quote….

But one of the best moves you can do if you want to find a husband in Canada is to come and visit the country. It’s that simple. Just visit some of the cities in the list above and find the one that you like the most. To start, come just for 2-3 days, to take a peek. When you will have made your choice, find a way (if possible) to live there 4-5 months. You will have a solid grasp to the mentality of the place, its rhythm. You will have time to make friends, to get invited in some parties.

Remember: the more you meet people. It means that you meet more men.

A site I really like

As you visit Canada, do not forget to do some research on this wonderful site:Meetup.com. In case you have not sign up yet, Meetup is not a dating site. It gives you the option to find all kind of great activities in the city of your choice. You can choose activities organized for singles living Toronto, Montreal, or Ottawa. My friends and I have always preferred to connect face to face with people. It’s not that we do not like online sites. It’s just that for us, this method is the option that we use last. That’s all.

The web

Now I just told you what we think about dating online. That be said, it works. Maybe you have tried looking for a man online. But how about trying online dating in Canada? You will see very fast that, Canadians are a melting pot of cultures and races. There are so much different shapes, sizes and colors that you will surely find a man that will be right in your taste.

Here are some dating sites. Maybe you already know some of them. Just notice that, sometimes, there is no dot com at the end of the domain. You will see a dot ca. That’s the country code top level domain for Canadians.

  1. eHarmony.ca
  2. Match.ca
  3. Lavalife.ca
  4. Plentyoffish.com

how to find a husband in Canada

You want more? Well how about the applications?



No cheese or cringe”- the Tinder golden rule

This is the dating app in Canada. The next time you visit a Canadian city, try it. You can make great friends and meet people with this app. Again, if you have a great social life and you will have more chances to meet your man. I will not say more about that app since it’s so popular.



Redefining dating rules” –Cosmopolitan

Bumble was created by one of the founders of Tinder. I think you will love this one. This is the application where the women decide! You make the first move to start a chat within the 24 hours after a connection (when two people like each other). If not, the connection disappears forever.

By the way, I’ve heard that men better behave on his application because you ladies have the keys of the conversation.



We had to start from scratch and create something to help people to connect” -Justin McLeod, founder of Hinge
Hinge wants to focus more on serious relationship. Now the application looks a bit like Instagram.

The man will have to engage with you, read your profile. He can leave a comment on your pictures (and, of course, you can do the same on his own profile). Starting from there, you can start a chat. There is a fee to use this application. You can use it for only a couple of months when you are in Canada.

And you can tell that if a man is willing to pay for this application, there’s more chance that he really wants to have a serious relationship.

Good luck


Jo Fontaine




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