How to find a foreign husband

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If you want to know how to find a foreign husband, go the web. You will read or hear many complaints that sound like this: do not marry foreign people. The man that you will find will not love you. He will love the country where you live in. And once he’s legal, he will dump you. You will find the same comments on the men side. The Russian woman you marry will never care about you. She just wants to be in America.

As you read this article you will learn how to manage all those ricks, how to find a husband coming from another culture. You will learn how to deal with the problem that comes with the clashes of different of cultures.
I love different cultures and philosophies and perspective on things”-Martin Henderson

How to find a foreign husband

Go where they are.

Do you have an idea of where your soon-to-be husband will come from? Well to start, you can go and visit his country. You will be able to feel the rhythm of the culture. Now this is the usual advice that you will hear.

But you can do better.

Taking a peek is just the beginning of your research. But you are looking for real love, don’t you? Are you looking for a long-term relationship? In that case, you will not only look for a foreign husband. You will have to find for the right one.

So, let’s say that you have chosen the country where your man lives. You have visited the place for a week and you have felt that your intuition is right.

Now, how about living there for 4-6 months

We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls”- Anais Nin


Sebastian, my friend.

This is the technique Sebastian, one of my friends, used to find his second wife. Men and women can follow this idea. Sebastian is Canadian. But he has always felt that he was made to live in a country where the sun is king. He likes the Caribbean way of living. Most of his friends are Brazilian, Haitians, and African.

With his Andy Garcia look, I thought that he was Cuban or Portuguese at first!

6 months after he has left to live in Brazil, here we learn that he got married! Nobody was very surprised. Seb knows how to put all the chances on his side.

  • He learned how to speak Brazilian Portuguese
  • He emerged himself in the Brazilian community in his own town.
  • He started visiting the country on vacation
  • He decides to live there for a bit more than 6 months

6 month is too much? Is that an impossible plan for you? I understand. But can you live in that country for at least 3 months Visiting the country for only 4 weeks is not enough to really feel the rhythm of the culture in your bones.
How to find a foreign husband

Ask your family living abroad.

Yes, an idea for you that may be a simple solution.

Do you have a brother, a cousin living in Europe, in Asia or in Africa?

That person knows you well. He (she) knows your taste, your preferences. Let that person be your matchmaker!

Ask if they have anyone in mind. I mean a sweet and respectful man that matches with your personality and your lifestyle. I would suggest you to take your time to really think about that solution. As I write those words, I just got a notice on Facebook. My cousin’s wife says:

“Hi, what’s up, cousin?”

She is a sweet and beautiful Thai woman. I have just realized that, she could be my ideal matchmaker if, one day, I want to date an Asian woman. I never thought about that. Maybe you are missing that point too…

Foreign is sometimes nearby your house.

There is something inspirational about New York as a great melting pot of different cultures and traditions”.-Ban Ki-moon

In some ways, it is true for most cities.

Start by stepping out of your comfort zone now. Socialize with people of other nationalities. They will show you a lot about their culture, the way they think. Maybe you will even lean their language and practice with them. This is one of the best ways to soak your feet in the water. Go to their parties when they invite you. Do not be shy. That’s how my girlfriend met me. She was a bit disoriented at the beginning. The music, the dance, the food was totally different from her culture. Worst. She is very, very shy… So if she has done it, you certainly can!
How to find a foreign husband

The web

This is the technique that the people I know used last. Yes, the web is good place to start your research. They are a lot of dating sites. But again, a dating site is a bit impersonal. You can’t have a real contact with the man. You will not learn much about his culture. But this method can work. Many women have found their perfect husband using dating sites. Realize that you will just have to look harder if you want to find a man that will be right for you. Please, just remember: make yourself visible and approachable. On your profile, do not complain about how it’s difficult to find a man and how you are exhausted dating losers…

Good luck!



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