How to attract the man you want – the law of attraction

Everything that you dream

Let’s call her Taylor, O.K? I know that she won’t mind because Taylor Swift is her favorite singer.  So here she shares with me her experience with the law of attraction. I raise an eyebrow. Sure, I believe that you can attract love and everything you want using that powerful law. I mean everything that you believe is possible.

Taylor says that it begins when she’s 15 years old. The young lady believes that, one day she will find the man of her life. It will happen; it should happen; she wants that to happen! Finally, it indeed happens. When she’s 31…

How many heartbreaks did she have in the 15 years between?

“Man, I just lost the count…”

Sorry… Didn’t want to hurt you with that question… Here’s a Sprite, girl.

“No, thanks. I try to be careful with sugar. You know, when you are getting old?

We are on a bench in an urban park, just in front of the biggest outdoor swimming pool of the place.  But Taylor is not looking at those kids laughing and playing tag on the grass: she’s looking at me, smiling.

I’m rolling my eyes; I try to look exasperated.

“Getting old?!!  Girl, you will have 32 in 2 months… Pff…”



Everything that you think is possible.

“Even through the rain, I kept my faith, the will to follow through”. Will Young– Anything is possible.

Yes, this is what Taylor decides to do month after month, year after year. She cherishes her dream. She does her best to keep it alive in her head, in her bed, when she walks outside, when she waits for the bus. Like the rock band Journey would say, she will not stop believing. After all, a lot of women do find their love, no? It’s possible. So why not her?

And why not you?


Time is on my side

But what is amazing is that things are getting along, slowly in the shadows. I’m suppressed to learn that she once saw the picture of her future boyfriend before. That was 3 years before they met.

“Really, I say?”

I just want to know more…

Taylor swears that she’s not kidding. What happens is that this man is the business partner of her brother-in-law. So she already had a good idea of how he looked like.

“I remember that I said: “he’s good-looking”. But that’s all”.

But in a house party, when they finally meet, something special happens. I mean there were fireworks everywhere around.

Cherish your dream. Of course, it doesn’t mean that your desire will manifest right away. But if you do your part, something will happen at the right time.

And the right time is not necessarily when you want it to happen.

It’s the best time for you.


How to attract the man you want - the law of attraction


Anything that you can picture yourself in

So there are so many techniques that you can use to make the law of attraction work for you ( to know more about so of those ideas, read the article I can’t find a boyfriend -Destroy your doubt) . Since Taylor was a 15 when she started, she used the easiest technique available. In fact, almost all the teenagers use it at least once without even realizing it. Some of them will use it most consistently. This is what Taylor (and I) did back in the days (notice that you can use that technique today. It doesn’t matter how old you are).

The next time you go to bed, create a scenario in your head. You are with your man. What do you do? How do you feel? What does he say? Imagine his tone. Maybe that you are giving him a hug: you are such a sweet woman. Create the best, the most memorable movie you can in your head and have a good sleep.

It’s that simple.

This is the technique I used when I was around 18 years old. Last year, I was cuddling my girlfriend who finally fell asleep in my harms (she needed that moment to relax because he had a rough day at her job).

Watching the end of the movie, I suddenly realized that this moment really looked like the scenario I used to create when I was a teen. No doubt that since the beginning I have the feeling that this lady is the right one for me.

Do not wait to create and re-create your wonderful moment in your head just before you fall asleep. Do not be surprised if you feel happy just thinking going to bed soon.

The French say that the night is a wonderful councilor. Well I can add that this good fellow is a great partner when you need to create your future.


Logic anyone?

Now, it’s possible that the idea of law of attraction annoys you. Are a logical person? You say that you do not believe the magical thinking. In fact, you just think that it’s silly. So you say:

“Oh no… Not that secret thing again… There’s only one thing for sure: reality is made of cause and effect. There’s nothing else”.

So let me describe this phenomenon in a more logical way. In this example, I will show how the image in your head can totally change your life.

Let’s say that you see yourself as an employed very soon. Every night you start to imagine getting fired. You create a perfect scenario in your mind. You already know what you will say to your future ex-boss. You play that movie in your head over and over. You will tell him that he’s the most incompetent supervisor you ever have met in your life. Yes, everybody in the office think the same. And even his own boss.

“So you will be the next one, a%$ hole.”

Here now you start to think that you will have to be careful with your spending. Look here! You need to change your rubber boots. There’s a hole in both of them.  But now you change your mind. You don’t want to spend. 2 weeks later, you think that, more than never, you need a new hairstyle. But it’s expensive. You have to tighten your belt, right? This is how, a month later, you walk in a rainy day with looking miserable in your ragged boots, your feet all wet.

And you have not been fired yet…

Create an image in your head and, soon or later, you will start to act accordingly to your thoughts. Finally, in some way, you will start to look like the movie in your head; of course, people will response to the vibration you project.

Now, you know why you need to start to create your sweet and pleasant movie in your head.

Go, lady! Be the best director you can.


Jo Fontaine


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