Introducing The Guides

«You don’t have to stick with these recipes. They’re guides. As I say, they’re a way in. Have fun with them. »

– Sally Schneider


I know what you are saying.

«What? Why is he talking about recipes? »


It’s because I want to give you right now  a very important technique. You can use it any time you want. But first, let me ask you a question.

What is the most important point Sally Schneider made in that quote ?

  1. You do not need to follow a guide like it’s the Holly Bible.
  2. You just have to follow a guide then, after a while, when you feel comfortable, you just do whatever you want?
  3. Do what suits you in the guide.
  4. Have fun while working with a guide


So what’s your answer?

I would say that all those points are valid in some ways (So you can’t be wrong. That’s great, no?). But the number 4 is the most important one: there is no point in following any guide if there’s no fun in it, no passion.

 Those guides on are packed of ideas, tips, and techniques just for you. You can use them starting today. You can even continue to use them to solidify your relation, to smooth out the ambiance in difficult times, or to help somebody! With time, you will find the ideas that work best for you. Have fun exploring them even deeper. You will be like a relationship experimental scientific. Creating, discovering new methods by yourself and testing the results!

 So bottom line, have fun while reading and trying those ideas.


Have fun


«But how to have fun in the kind of situation I’m in right now? »

I will show you in those guides. Pleasure will help you to keep an open mind. I will help to stay focus. You will be able to preserve your positive mind set.

So you can start reading now.

With time, I will add more and more guides. They will cover a many subjects like

  • How to use the dating site
  • The dating apps. Do they work?
  • Speed dating. Is it possible to find a decent man?
  • The family. My mom keeps saying « I’d like to be a grandma before I die»
  • And more…

But all of them will focus on one main goal.

How to help you find the perfect man you deserve.



That been said, I’d like to apologize.

You know I’ve been rude with you…

Really, I’m sorry.

I have not welcomed you on this page yet. So welcome in the guide section here on!




Jo Fontaine.

P.S: … More apologize, you say?

«You look in my eyes and I’m screaming inside that I’m sorry»- Evanescence

P.P.S. Not enough?

«I’ve treated you so wrong; now let me make it right…»     -Avenged Sevenfold


P.P.P.S. What? Again? Gee                «Sorry seems to be the hardest word» – Elton John.