Find and seduce a man with your irresistible charisma

“Even better than the real thing”- U2

Picture that evening: 6 men are around a table in a well- known Vietnamese restaurant. You already know that some stupid jokes will be said, right? Yes, it was a great Sunday afternoon.  But between two childish remarks, some brilliant comments have been said. Yes, ladies, we do think.  Abe is like my big brother. He talks about one of his neighbor, a woman in her mid 30s.

“She’s beautiful”

I raise an eyebrow. Really? Well, never thought that. But…

“OK, Abe adds. Let’s say that she has a lot of charm; A lot of charisma”.

That’s right. That woman is special. She’s not a top model but still, she’s irresistible. Jerome is sited on the other side of the table. He has heard our conversation and turns his head toward us. He says waving his spoon:

“You know that is what is the most interesting in a woman: charisma and charm: It’s even better than simple beauty”.


Find and seduce a man with your irresistible charisma



“I’m forever waiting for you. Baby, irresistible you are”. Irresistible- Cathy Dennis

I know a lady that does not have what Mother Nature gave to Halle Berry, Emma Watson or Jennifer Aniston. Sure, she cute. But if you see a picture of her, you would say that she’s looks very friendly. Nothing more. What is surprising is that men are crazy about her. Children just love her. She’s a phenomenon!

So I ask myself: where all her charisma is coming from. After all, she was bullied all the time at school. She was very shy. She never got a date until in her early 20s. What happened? I’m not sure but since that woman is my best friend, I can surely break down some of her attitude, actions and state of mind so you can create some of that magic around you. Here we go!


Princess?  Only a princess?

I always give nicknames to the women I love. One of her movie is Miss Congeniality and her favorite actress is Angelina Jolie (especially as Lara Croft). You have an idea of the lady. So her nickname is Miss Audacity. That lady doesn’t wait to hear that she is incredible. She has decided that she was incredible. Her actions follow the way she thinks about herself.

!!!Phone ringing!!!

It’s a guy named Harry. As he talks to me, he hears my friend’s voice and says:

“Can I talk to the princess?”

I give her the phone (I know something will happen)… She takes the phone:

“Princess who, she asks? So who’s the queen?”

You have the privilege to decide who you will evaluate yourself. In one way or in another, you will act accordingly to your thoughts. Maybe you do not look like Penelope Cruz. But you can decide that you are a great person to approach because you are:

  • Sweet
  • Sensual
  • Funny

Think about why you are the real thing. Let your thoughts shape your new attitude. Be lady whose confident. Know why you are special.


Find and seduce a man with your irresistible charisma

You are so clumsy!

Miss Audacity is so sweet. But sometimes boy! She says exactly what she thinks. For sure, she likes to tease. I’m a distracted kind of guy (a common problem musician and artist in general have). But I have noticed that every time she meets a new man, she starts to have fun with him. She starts to tease him. She likes to have fun with people.

This is how I met her. I think that one of the first things she said to me was:

“You are so clumsy”.

We were in a music shop. The owner of the place was one of her friend.  Good for me: I just dropped a guitar on the floor. I was a bit embarrassed

“Tell me something I don’t know”.

Teasing a man is a great way to build charisma, sexual tension. But it has to be done in the right way. The timing and the tone of your voice is crucial. To know more about that technique, read the article how to make him fall in love with me: the art of teasing.


Find and seduce a man with your irresistible charisma


“Listen to me, listen to me”– Lionesse White Rabbits

One very interesting with Miss Audacity is that every time she starts to talk about a new person she has just met, she talks about his passion, what that man or woman is passionate about. How can she gather that much information that fast? Well even if the lady is pretty outgoing and talk a lot (a bit too much I would say), strangely, she listens a lot. Yes she talks; but always about something that you wanted to talk about.  Of course, at one moment, you will talk about something you need.

She will remember it.

And one day when she finds what you want, you will get a phone call. People feel how she is opened to the needs of other. Now only it is sweet but it shows how strong a woman is. Openness gives a lot of charisma. You will surprise a lot of man using this technique. They will for sure think that you are indeed different. Usually we see charisma as that kind of quality a politician has when he or she speaks on a stand. Charisma? You think about Kennedy, Lincoln, and Michelle Obama.

But real charisma is all about a strong person who listens.

Do you have any questions, any comments? Please share your thoughts with us.

Now, you know that charm and charisma are two irresistible tools to seduce your perfect boyfriend.

Now go! And find your amazing man.


Jo Fontaine.

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8 thoughts on “Find and seduce a man with your irresistible charisma

  1. A charismatic, good listener that shows compassion is definitely a decent formula.  I didn’t assume that there were Asian guys at the Asian restaurant in this story but, I pictured my extended Vietnamese family and how, drastically different, and disappointingly so, that that conversation would have went.  The infinite number of ways vanity and self-consciousness sucks the life from a lot of people I care about is tangible.  In my friends of any race, of course but, with my Asian family there is always a competition over something!  It’s sad.

    I think self-awareness shines bright.  I think your friend in the article, the one you wondered where all her charisma came from?  She has probably seen suffering even beyond the bullying.  She knows like I do how important a smile and putting some love into the room can do for the world that is pretty unrelenting with force-fed unrealistic illusions of happiness. 

    I look for people in my life that love themselves as a practice.  It took me many years to love myself as hard as I love other people.  If I could have a talk with myself in my 20’s I would have tried to find a way to convey the changes I would have to make <3 

  2. When I met my wife, we were at a party of a mutual friend.

    When we were introduced, I knew I had just met someone special.

    Not only was she beautiful (that always helps) but for the 1st 10 minutes she just danced in front of my, and almost never took her eyes of me.

    She oozed charisma and it poured of of her, across the floor and up my body!

    7 years later, we are still in love as that day we met.

    She still dances for me and has recently added a hula-hoop to the routine!

    She is gorgeous, but what really got me was her charisma and personality!

    You are spot on!


  3. Hey Jo!

    What a refreshing article, especially from a man’s perspective! It is always great for a woman to hear that she doesn’t need to be “perfect” in looks and many other things, to find a loving, caring and supportive husband. Charisma is definitely well defined in your article, and it was really enlightening to read your personal thoughts. 

    I look forward to reading more very soon, great work! 

  4. Women who don’t have much going on for them in the looks department come in two categories; mean and nice. The not-so attractive mean women tend to be rude, stand-offish, they get abrasive if a man indeed looks at them, they take offensive “what are you looking at jerk face?” sort of attitude. This comes from being bullied as a child. The sad part is, these type of women will end up alone for the rest of their lives, they perpetuate their own dilemma of being single by being a bitter lady. The OTHER type of woman who isn’t so attractive but NICE and WARM HEARTED, seems to radiate some inner beauty. Even though she was bullied as a child, she didn’t let this affect her and decided to respond with loving words and kindess eveywhere she does. I believe that not only charisma and charm make a beautiful lady, as well as teasing a man lightly ( don’t take it overboard ) but all around, being KIND is the sexiest thing ever. 

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