Find a man with blind dates and single meetings… Does it really work?


I can read in your mind.

Really. I will show you

I know that you have already said that. At least once…

You will tell me if I’m right, O.K?


“ Do blind dates or singles meetings really work?”


Well sit on your favorite chair and relax. I will tell you something that could change forever your point of view about this kind of evening.

You know what? Even better. To make my point, I will share with you a story that happened last week to one of my very good friend: Angela (but I always call her Angie).



Meet Angela

Angie called me to know how I was. It’s been a month we haven’t talk. That’s unusual

I asked her what she was doing.

She told me that she was invited to a party organized by a very friendly guy named Karim…

“Do you know him, Jo”

“Yeah, I said. It’s the guy who throws parties for single men and women, right? Heard that those parties are like crazy!”

“Hum… she mumbled. Anyway, I don’t want to go”

At first, I was a bit surprised.

But then, I started to understand what was going on.

You will too very fast…

“I don’t believe this kind of evening works, she said…”

I nodded. (yeah… like Angie could see me… we are on the phone, dude)

“ I know what you mean, I said. But maybe something else is bothering you.”

After a short silence, Angie answered: “Well, I know I’m single and it’s supposed to be a singles party event. But nobody I know will be there. I mean, I don’t want to be there standing all by myself with a stupid bloody Caesar in my hand…”

Aha… That was the real problem…

“ Angie, do you remember what Willow said about parties?”

Her voice was a bit shaky. I’m pretty sure she had no idea where I was going to.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure either!

“You mean Willow from Buffy the vampire slayer?”

“Yes. She said:

“I know I’ve been sort of a party poop lately. So I said to myself, Self, it’s time to shake and shimmy it off”.

Willow- Buffy the vampire slayer

Angie laughed. She just had the scene played in her head: Willow with a light beer in her hand…

Buffy is our all time favorite TV show.

“O.K… I`ll go, she said.”


The party

“When women come together in a collective intention, magic happens.”

-Phylicia Rashad


A spectacular show of lights. Red, blue, yellow. House music so loud that it shakes your bones.

People were dancing, yelling, having fun on the dance floor. The middle of the big room that was, normally, reserved for conferences and rallies.

But not this day.

Angie told me that this party was a huge success… With the description of the evening she gave me, I had no problems to believe her!

“So you stayed till the end, I said.”

“Of course, she replied, smiling”

“Have you met someone?”

“Well… yes, and no… I mean, 5 minutes after I got in the room, I heard somebody calling me. But I wasn’t sure with all the noise… Then I saw Cynthia waving her hand, so I can see her (she’s a colleague in my office). She was with a friend…”

Angie started to laugh, jumping and clapping her hands.

What’s wrong with her?

“Jo, something happened in the party. Sooo funny. I have to tell you this!”

I smiled. “ Really? Well talk to me, sister.”

I will share with you what she said to me. I know she won’t mind.

That Cynthia was in a very bad mood. In fact, maybe she just wanted to broaden her audience, so she can whine even more about the office, her job, men…. No doubt, she just had a very rough week; Blame the universe and moaning was in her program this week end. Not having fun, dance and drinking alcohol…

Angela was talking to Cynthia’s friend when a short man with a warm smile came by.

“Hey, Karim, said Angie”.

Karim, a very sweet man, was the host of the evening.

“ Hey Angie. Hi, Cynthia. Having fun, he asked?”

Cynthia shoot her head.

“Listen Karim, I know you wanted me to be here. I just want to tell you: I will leave in about 5 minutes. I’m really not in the mood for this, she said.”

Karim looked surprised and even a bit worried. He started to look slightly to her right and left like he was looking for something or someone.

“ Can you stay a bit longer, Cynthia. Can you do it for me, he finally said? I have to do something and I’m coming back. Just wait for me.”

Cynthia sighted. She was more and more nervous and impatient.

But she still had some energy left to continue to complain about her week. She would turn any subject Angie would come with, and start whining about her life.

10 minutes later, Karim came back with someone. A handsome man in a black suit.

He just looked like Matthew McConaughey !

Then something happened.

The man and Cynthia literally froze.

Not a word.

It seemed that they both could not even breathe.

Angela and Cynthia’s friend looked at each other, smiling.

That was the reason why Karim insisted that Cynthia stayed in the room. There was a plan in motion.

And there it was.

Love at first sight.

Angie, told me that Cynthia was just about to panic. Her emotion was so strong that she just wanted to run away with her high heels in her hands!

And leave the man of her dream behind.

He offered a lift to her home.

She said yes. Then no. Then yes….

To tell the truth, that man was ready to go up to Russia just for her…



It doesn’t work… Really?

Do blind date or single events work when you are looking for a husband or a boyfriend?


But not necessarily the way you think. In fact there’s a good chance that it will happen the most unexpected way. It’s only a matter of time. So keep your mind open.  Keep your eyes opened. If you feel like that you are getting impatient, read the article How To Find A Husband After 40. Do This Whatever Is Your Age . You will find some great ideas to feel great inside as you continue your research to find a man.

Now tell me. What your opinion about blind dates? Do you have any questions? Don’t be shy! Write your comments here, below, in the little box.



Jo Fontaine.



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