Dating. Why Taking A Break May Be Your Best Option.

Let’s see things differently, OK? There is a time when taking a break is just the right move to do. It’s not that you are quitting. After all, no one should quit on love, right?

(Hum… that’s a good subject for a song. I will write that idea on my pad…)

Sometime, you feel that you just have to get back to your roots.  When you have that voice talking to you inside, listen to it carefully. It says:

“It’s time to get some strength, girl“.

Robert Kiyosaki said that loser quit when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed. I understand what he means but I would say this instead: You are a winner as long as you cherish your vision and make a step toward it.

“Well, Jo…  it seems that you have just said the same thing…”

Not exactly. I don’t like the concept of failing. Maybe it would be better to get rid of it. The reason to take a break is that, sometime, you need to refocus on yourself and your life. Isn’t what you want in fact: a wonderful life with your man?

So start right now and make another step to your goal.




I need a break…

Usually, it’s a bad news when you hear that one.

“I need a break…”

Imagine the boyfriends (or the girlfriends) who hear that. You almost can see the dark clouds of uncertainty in their eyes. They think: what will happen? What about the good days we had? What about the wonderful things we can do in the future?

“What about us?”- Pink

For sure, it’s different when you have that thought about your own life. It may be the beginning of a wonderful journey: the one that will show that you will have to take care of yourself.


It’s a lot of work!

Think about it. Day after day, you use your network to find your man. You ask your cousins if they know a man who would be a good life partner. Then, you say to your friends that you are sick and tired to be alone. They get the message. Tomorrow, you will go again to a speed dating evening. You will see the same guys, the same women with their depressed face…

Looking for a man seems a lot of work. In the article the dating survival kit, I said that it shouldn’t be that way. But hey! Sometimes, you just can’t help it. You feel that there is no way out! Sure you want a boyfriend. But gosh! Doing that hunting really hurts… And then a scary though pops up in your mind. Again…

“Maybe I need a break”.

Well, yes.  Maybe you do need that break because….




You need to see your friends again

Maybe you have noticed that the more you are looking for a man, the more you neglect your friends. You can’t be at two places at the same time! Your girlfriends are important in your life. Those ladies are here to make you understand your value. They will tell you why they like you in so many ways. Every time you meet your friend you will have signals of appreciation.

You are special.

This is the fuel you will need to continue your research once you will be back on the road.

Taking a break may be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your crew. Have fun.




Passion, passion

Dating takes time. Time is precious. Taking a break is maybe the best strategy if you find out that you have neglected your passion. The moment to go back to the gym or to take piano lesson has arrived! What is your passion? What do you love to do the most? Go for it. Practice what elevates you. Never forget that men love passionate women. They crave to that vibration you have when you love your existence.

Taking a break may be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself.


How much?

You know how it is: dating is not only expensive for men. It’s expensive for women too. Think about the savings you can make. You can use the money to practice your passion, to create a new project, or to travel. Of course, this point seems less important if you follow the rule that says that you should never spend a lot of money on your first dates.  But think about the clothes, the accessories that you buy, thinking about men…

Taking a break may be the perfect moment for you to take that money and put your sexy behind in a plane. Direction: Paris!

Following me?




The family, the friend and even you…

Last (but not the least) is the pressure that you feel on your back. You feel that your mom, your cousins are staring at you like they say:

“How come you still are single?”

Men do feel that pressure too, by the way…  So everybody knows how annoying it is to hear.

“So any change lately?”

Making a public announcement that you are off the market for a while may be the solution to get rid of that pressure. I know a few women who have done it.

Taking a break may be the perfect moment to announce to everybody that you are about to get back to the basic: Taking care of yourself, taking of the people you love.

Realize that there is no setback if you decide get out of the game for a while. What you do, in fact is getting some strength. Getting back to the basic may be the best option you can take at this moment.

Do you have any question? Any comments? There’s a little box below just for you.

Think about it. Once you have gain all the energy you need, you will feel that you are ready to be on the market again. Watch out boys!

That lady is ready to find her amazing boyfriend!


Jo Fontaine



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2 thoughts on “Dating. Why Taking A Break May Be Your Best Option.

  1. I agree with you that sometimes taking a break in searching for dates. It is not bad at all to take care of yourself, have fun with friends and family. When you are happy it reflects on you and you glow which might attract opposite sex without even trying. Great article!

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