Conversation chemistry- review


Try to remember. See in your head the last time that you were in front of a guy you really like and you just had no more things to say? I mean, you know that you are a fun lady to be around. You know that you have something great to offer to that man. He has to know that. Your friends like your personality. But how can you communicate that to that cutie pie? How to make your conversation funny, charming and even sexy so the man opens up and starts to want to know more about you?

The good thing is that you can do those things pretty easily. You can learn, with no hassle how to show how fantastic you are and, at the same time create a sexy atmosphere around you when you are dating. You can make a man fall in love with you just with the way you communicate with him. How?


Get in the Aladdin’s cave

This is where Conversation Chemistry can be your best secret. This 314 pages eBook wants to help you to enhance your love life. Its goal is to focus on all forms of conversation, turn every rock one after the other so that you become an irresistible woman. You can be a lady who just has fun talking to men around you. One of the help that you will find in this document, busting with tips, is that you will learn how to better communicate using verbal and with your body language. It’s means that you will be able to disturb a man without even saying a word.

Make a cute wonder what happening in his body. This is one of the most awesome gifts you can do to him. He will know, for sure, that the reason he feels that great is because of you.

Conversation Chemistry starts with starts the basic. From day one, you will open the Aladdin’s cave and start to learn all the basics about conversational flirting. So, you will know all that you need to make your man’s legs shake at your first date.  But it doesn’t stop there: the lessons go up to the communication techniques that you will use to keep your relationship alive.



Introducing the authors

It’s no surprise that Conversation Chemistry is one of the most practical and clear guide you can find on the market (and this is not just because I love the way those Amy and Mia think).  It’s not about tricking a guy. You don’t have to learn complicated gimmicks and practice hours so men will not see you manipulative technique.

Amy waterman and Mia Summers are the writers of this 314 pages book full of ideas. They had thought about you all along their writing process. Their unique goal is to help you find and keep your loved one. Well, who’s surprised? Amy got the status of expert author for the well-known site Mia (Mirabelle), it seems to me, has covered all the topics about relationship and communication in love. She is known to be a sweet relationship coach. Here are some lessons that Amy and Mia will teach you in their book

We are different: The first part of this book will help you realize why men and women communicate differently. Is that a problem? No. You will find that you can use those differences to your own advantage. Very fast, you will learn the most common turn-on and turn-offs.

Dating: The point here is that it’s important to have no expectation and to always start fresh.  Here, you will learn how to deal with fear so that it never gets in your way again when you find a man you like. This is where you will learn the most about building sexual tension, how to flirt with your body language.  Cool…

Relationship: the third part is all about relationship. If that guy is great, you want him as a boyfriend, don’t you? Here, you will learn how to improve your ability to communicate. I mean by that how to argue if there are some disagreements, how to talk about your feelings.

This book is just about yourself and how you can create a charming, sexy mood around you and the man you want to have.  You will have in this practical book plenty of examples that will explain and show you how you can use each technique in your own life, starting today.


Conversation chemistry- review


Yes, but…

So sure there are some ideas that will make you say:

yeah, I’ve read that before”.

It’s because a truth is a truth. You can’t hide it just to pretend that you are original. This book covers so much on the subject that you will certainly find some stuff that you already know. That’s OK. Those sections will be useful as a reminder to help you to focus number one goal: create the right mood, establish the right connection.

Now realize that this book is not a quick solution to make men crawl at your feet.  You will have to learn how to change the way you think about yourself (Amy and Mia will show you how) and how to use all the tools (that you already have to have inside of you) to create a better experience when you meet a man.

Communication is the glue that will make the man you want and you a couple. It doesn’t matter if you start dating a guy or if you are engaged. You will have to maintain that level of communication to keep your relationship in good health.



I warn you, this book is so well written that you will have problem to stop reading it. It means that you will soon be more than ready to go outside and find a man you really like. Engage a discussion with him with no fear. Because you know exactly what to do to look great in his eyes, thanks to that communication chemistry you can create.

Now go. Buy your book and find your amazing man!


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