6 tips to attract a good man

Now hold on!

If you say “there is not one good man on this planet earth that is still available”, stop it right now

That idea will push back men.


You will not attract a good man.

It your say maybe it’s me, wait a minute. You are hurting yourself. Men will always prefer women that feel great about themselves. Stop it.

I mean it….


So what are the techniques to attract a good man? Well, first, you will reach you goal faster if you check out and you revise your beliefs about your life, men and relationship. In some ways, you will have to create a new you.

Here are some more ideas that will help you find the man of your dreams.


“A good man will want you to shine. He wants you to be your amazing self” –Anastasia Netri

6 tips to attract a good man


Be yourself. But what the heck does that mean?


“The strongest force in the universe is a human living consistently with his identity” -Tony Robbins


Be yourself…

I guess you have heard that before.


Does it mean that you should not go too far? That you should not dress sexy? That if you are not in the mood, don’t try to fake a smile?

Not really

It just means that you must feel comfortable in what you are doing. You must feel in peace. If your natural style is been sexy, there’s no problem. Some ladies I know (dressed let’s say in a more “conservative way”) have date disrespectful men over and over… dress the way that makes you feel great. Don’t pay too much attention to your friend or to articles you read on the web (Sounds weird because you are reading one)

The bottom line is this: see by yourself. How you feel is the guide to know if what you do is natural (for you).

Feel great!

This is how you respect your body. You listen to the little voice that says:

“Now is the time. I deserve it!”

At that moment, you are putting your best face.

You are yourself.


Always be yourself, express yourself , have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it” –Bruce Lee.


6 tips to attract a good man


Your life.

Happiness is a decision.”- Andrew (one of my friends, a great philosopher).


You deserve it… that. That leads us to the next point. That you deserve the best that life has to offer. And it starts by your actions and your decisions.

Take a pen and a paper.

What you like to do most? Explore your passion. Do things that will put outside of your daily routines.

Pursues your goals, have fun.

It is important that you fill your life with passion. Do so and you will never find yourself desperate and needy because you need a man to fill your life.

Men love passionate women. They are vibrant; they are sexy in their own way.

You can be electrifying for a man if you decide. Have a pleasant life.

Do yourself that favor.
And to the good man you will find.


“Nothing is like passion. No matter what you want, to do with your life, be passionate”–Jon Bon Jovi


Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping… waiting… and
though unwanted… unbidden… it will stir… open its jaws and howl. It
speaks to us… guides us… passion rules us all, and we obey. What other
choice do we have? –
Joss Whedon


6 tips to attract a good man



A pleasant life will help you to relax. Men hate controlling, moody and possessive women. Their life is complicated enough; they are not looking for more trouble.

That is why they will feel that you are different.

Good men are looking people they are comfortable with. This is one of their most important values. They don’t want to meet women who are always intense. When they see one, they run away.

Note: passion is not intensity. In relationship, a good man thinks that passion is sexy. It’s intriguing.

Intensity means trouble.

Relax, have fun.


“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” -Plato


6 tips to attract a good man


About playing game


Some girls like to say something and mean another. Me, being who I am, I’m straightforward. Everything is black or white. I don’t really like mind games. – Zayn Malik


In general, men hate it. But the worst is that the good men will keep their distance if you play games. They will not respect you. In other words, if you find a man and you like him, don’t try to push him away and act like you don’t like him. Even shy men have tendencies to communicate straight. If you act like you don’t want him, that’s exactly what he will think.

You don’t like him.

He will not come back.

Remember what I say before? Good men want to be with people they are comfortable with.

You want to be one of those people.

In fact, strive to be the number one of those people. You will have a serious chance if he feels great with you,

6 tips to attract a good man


Maybe your friend is the perfect one.

Men are used to talk about it, half joking, and grumbling…

The women’s friend zone.

They say that once a woman put you there, you can’t go back.

You are out of the game. There is no hope. You will never be her mate.


“When a girl replies you: “Awww thanks”, it means that she’s politely asking you to return to the friend zone that you just tried to escape from” – Funny popular quotes.


Personally, I think it’s a myth. I’ve “survived” that zone. But you…

How many good men have you put in your friend zone? Take a look. You can be very surprised.

That good man will too when you will start to look at him in another way. Maybe he will be chocked.

That darn zone is supposed to be like the Bermuda triangle!

But you can rescue him.

Now, go and find someone amazing!



Jo Fontaine.






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