5 tips to find a boyfriend.

5 tips to find a boyfriend.

Let me tell you this: the next time you want to talk to a guy, use those secrets. They have made their proofs; they will make you irresistible. It’s time to be a

… superstar.

They are a lot of people saying that women love popular men. Well, if that’s true, men are exactly the same in their own way. Men love popular women. See it that way: a popular woman is a lady that many men desire.

When you will learn those techniques you will be able to create some magic all around you. Your man will want to be part of it.

But hey! What is that magic? That magic is making a man feel special. Use your personality to create it and he will be yours. This is why you want to use the art of conversation: to create that special feelings.

It’s an art.

It’s a game.

Very soon you will play it like a superstar!


5 tips to find a boyfriend.


Be gracious

What does that mean? Well, you can look back a thousand years ago and you will see some tendencies that are still visible today in our own society.

As desire is concerned, a lot of things that was true back then are still true:

  • Women are still looking for knights.
  • Men are still looking for gracious women

Even if we have different personalities, different tastes, this is almost a general rule.

I have said that one of the fastest way to make a man want you is to be cute in some ways (the read more about the art of being cute, read the article How to find the perfect mate. Be irresistible). Just remember that being cute is not being weak. Think about Deb Morgan. Do you remember Dexter’s sister? She is cute. She is vulnerable. But man, that lady is strong!

You can build some cute movements that will make a man want you. How you can create that gracious cute effect? I guess that’s you already know some ideas of your own. Hummm…


5 tips to find a boyfriend.


Your Smile, hair and your voice.

Yes I know you have heard that one. But sometime a well-known idea is repeated because it’s just common sense.

Smile a lot.

Even if you are sick and tired to be alone. Here’s why. Personally, smiles have a great effect on me. Smile is cute. When you talk to a man, do not be afraid to play lightly with your hair, especially when you are thinking about something. It’s a cliché but it just works…

You can play with the intonation of voice. You don’t want it to be to sound too much like singing. What you are looking for to play with your voice just enough so it sounds cute. You can totally hypnotize a man using your voice.

Here are some videos of actress with sweet, cute voices. Maybe they can inspire you. Take your time to study them.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Kate Blanchet

Helen Mirren


Tina Fey is just a great teacher the art of being cute. That woman is not a model, but she’s beautiful. She’s not the most gracious woman in the world (even if I think she is =). But she knows how to be coy. What hey! What does coy means?

It means artfully shy or hesitant.

You pretend to be shy but in a funny, coquettish way. Look at Tina. You always feel that she’s in a kind of flirting mood with the audience. But in a teasing, lighthearted manner.

In this video, Tina shows you how it can be done.


How many cute movements can you find in this video? How many of those ideas can you use in your own conversation?

Make him say: “awww soooo cute” and you will have him.

He will become your knights in a shining armor!


The touch

How many times have you touched gently a man as you had a conversation with him? Maybe you should add that technique the next time. This could your perfect weapon to find our boyfriend: men just love to be lightly touched. When you will have the chance, touch his forearm. Here’s another idea: put the palm of your hand on the hedge of his shoulder or anywhere that would be appropriated for casual touch.

A great occasion to use that technique would be when you start to laugh or when you want to look like a shy person (you want to “play cute” remember?).

Play it well and look how he will react….


5 tips to find a boyfriend.


Do that and your knights will be there for you.

In another article, I said that men still have that need to protect the women they love. We like the feeling of being like knights. Remember: asking a man to be your knights is not being a weak woman. This is more like showing your vulnerability without being a weak woman.

In other words this is a wonderful game.

A game where everybody wins; nobody loses.

Here’s an example my girlfriend started to use at the beginning of our relation. She used to reach out and hold my arm when we had to cross the street. I remember that she started to do the same when we were in a subway train or waiting in line.

I felt so powerful without even knowing exactly why. I stated to look all around her to be sure that nobody would push her.

I just wanted to protect her.

But they crazy thing is that she knows how to fight. She served in the army. But still, I wanted to protect her. Is that absurd? Sure it is. I mean, she should be my bodyguard! It makes no sense. But who cares? What I felt was a wonderful feeling!

That woman knows how to play the game!

Here is another example to show how powerful that technique is: A few years ago, I was looking for some garlic powder in a grocery store. Just couldn’t find it. So I asked a client if she had any idea where I could find that common seasoning. She smiled and said:

“You’re right in front of it!”

I was a bit ashamed of myself. So just to make things worse, I said:

“Uh… Do they make some garlic in liquid?”

The woman was surprised: “I didn’t know they made some garlic in liquid, she answered.

I sighed: “They don’t. I said something stupid.”

The woman laughed and put her hand on my shoulder. I remember my reaction. It wasn’t sexual. That woman was really, really not my type.

But I felt a kind of energy flowing through my veins. Slightly but it was there.

Lady, they are a lot of those techniques that you can use. But that one is of your best weapon.


Show your naughty side

Cute women are men magnets. You can be one of those vibrant women (read this review to know why it’s vital to be one of those select ladies to find your man fast). But do not be afraid to show that you like to have fun sometimes: Men love vibrant women.

Teasing him is sometimes one of the best ways to show that you are cute and strong. Be sweet and have fun with him; tell some jokes. Nudge him by the shoulder. If you can, make a few pranks (of course, they will have to be funny for him not only for you). To know more about the art of teasing, read the article How to make him fall in love with me. The art of teasing).

The bottom line is this. Make him say:

“Oh, that woman is sooo cute. And she’s kind crazy too!”


5 tips to find a boyfriend.



Is it something that men talk a lot about when they are between them: class. Men love politeness; not only with them but with everybody around.

They will watch how you react to people. Be nice and you will be noticed, guaranteed.

A last thing. It’s about, you know, the magic word?


“Thank you”.


This expression is strong and has a great effect on men. Use it. A lot of women take things for granted; it makes men lose their interest.

But it will not happen to you. So all you have to do is to…

…go and find your amazing man!



Jo Fontaine

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