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5 signs that show that you are ready to find your man

 You will find a boyfriend when you are ready.

It’s one o’clock. Dinner time!  At the cafeteria, I choose a place just in front of Dounia. She’s a sweet woman from Tunisia. Maybe the closest colleague I have in the office. Now, I don’t know how this discussion has started but here she says:

I just hate it that when a friend tells me that if I don’t have a boyfriend, it means that I’m not ready yet”.

So I try to swallow my sandwich. It’s difficult when you are taken by surprise.

“Well yes… In some ways, I believe in that. This is what happened to me…”

Dounia leans closer to me, staring at me with a big smile.

“C’mon, stop it! You know what I mean. I’m talking about when I met my girlfriend.”

Dounia is laughing. She’s a cute, professional woman. But she just can’t find her man.


What the heck does that mean?

So imagine this: a girl who starts a business. She’s a great designer.  The problem is that she’s afraid that people will laugh at her creation (even if her friends say that her clothes are wonderful).  The business woman makes a lot of cold calls to sell her new summer collection. In a sense, what she’s doing is incredible because she needs a lot of courage to do that kind of stuff. Unfortunately, nothing seems to work. Well, if she’s uncertain of her own creation, how can she sell it?  It’s very difficult to succeed in this condition, right?

In another word, that woman is not ready to start a business.

It’s the same with love. I remember that I had my share of emotional and mental blocks. In fact, I have found out that most of them had disappeared a few months before I met my girlfriend. For sure, I still have some bats in the belfry, so to speak, but that’s all right. This is me. I’m proud of who I am.

Be proud, girl.

There are 5 signs that will show that you are ready to meet your man. Here they are.


5 signs that will show that you are ready to find a boyfriend


Just the way you are

You think that what you are is just ENOUGH. Of course, you are not perfect. You can surely be a better person. But you will be a better person for yourself first. Then everybody will profit from that great vibe that you have created inside and around you.

Feeling that you are enough means that you do not feel that you are worthless, that you need to be somebody else. You know that you don’t have to fake anything (if there’s one thing that men are always complaining about is women who are faking). You don’t have to play game like HTG (hard to get). This technique is a sign that you think that you are not enough to make a man fall in love with you. So you need to manipulate him. The cost of using that technique may be too high: there’s a risk to attract the wrong guy. The worst is that you will make the right one run away.

In fact, when you know that you are enough, you do not feel the need to beg for love. You deserve to be love just like everybody else. A man will find out that you are exactly the type woman he’s looking for.


I try, I try…

The problem of trying too much looks like the habit of begging for love. A big sign that you are ready to find your boyfriend is that you do not try too much to impress the man.

Of course, you want to show the best of you. You have a lot to offer, right? But you know that trying to look like somebody else will hurt you in the long run. You understand that making the best first impression is important.

But not to the point of losing your own personality!


5 signs that will show that you are ready to find a boyfriend


Tik tok, tik tok

“Time is running by, dude. Show me what you got”.

Bah… It seems that this guy is not really interested. Too much hesitation… A sign that you are ready to find your man is that you know that you have too much value to lose your time with men you do not appreciate you. You have no time for those men who have no respect for their date.


“Because I’m happy”- Pharrell Williams

Most women think that we, men, are only interest in one thing: sex. Well… But you know what? Men just love happy women. They are really attracted to that great vibration some women have. You can surely be one of those ladies. Personally, I don’t like the principle that says:

“Act like if you were born happy.”

Sure, I see the point but I would rather say this:

“Do whatever it takes to be happy.”

Live a pleasant life. Do your best to fulfill your dreams (other find a man- it will come). Happiness is sexy.  A woman who’s constantly complaining, who is cynical is not hot. It doesn’t matter how sexy she looks, her man will want to leave her pretty fast…


5 signs that will show that you are ready to find a boyfriend


People, people

You feel so good inside that when you are out in an event for single you are not trying to talk only to one man, hoping that he will fall madly in love with you. You just start to “work the room” and if one man sees you and is attracted to you, so be it. Things will just happen naturally.  You do not feel that you have to force the issue.

Lady, I hope that you will very soon feel what I mean when I say this: Feeling great inside has a great power of attraction.

Sure you can say:

“Jo. What about all those women who are not happy and still have found their man?

Well I will tell this. I’m not talking about the others. I’m talking about you. It’s not surprising that I am totally agreed with the author of the fantastic book Get A Great Guy Guide. Have the best life you can. Your man will be a wonderful plus in your life. This is exactly what he wants to be.

Let’s say it in other words:   happy couples do not break up.

Isn’t what you are looking for: a long-term relationship with a wonderful man who, maybe, will be the right husband for you?

Just start to build that relationship right now!

It starts with you.

Any questions, any comments? You can write them in the little box below. I will be more than happy to answer them.

Now you know how important it is to be ready, right?

Go and find your amazing man!


Jo Fontaine


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