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5 Signs he’s the right guy for you

Are those signals for real? I mean, can you really find signs  that a man is the right guy for you? Yes! They are some indicator that will flash and tell you this.

“Girl, this guy, hummmm… Pay attention. He may be the one”.

When you feel that “Beep, beep, beep”, lady, do something it.  Don’t let that man go awaaaay!

But what are those signs? Here are 5 of them.

You’re so sweet!

“I just call to say I much I care” -I just call to say I love you- Stevie wonder

I talked about that aspect of the relation you will have with a man in this article. I was talking about how you can bring the best out of him. You are ready to help a man to make his dream come true. Sometimes, you even believe more in himself that he does. This is what a woman does when she’s in love (at least, in my experience). A man will notice that you are on his side and if he feels that he can do even more things when you are around (because sex is a powerful source of energy) then you are that close to be the only one in his heart. Now you say:

But how about me?

It doesn’t matter how cute or how romantic he is. I just want to ask you this question: do you sometimes talk about your passions, your goals to that man? Yes?

If yes, how does he react?

Replay the movie in your head. What’s his face expression. Does he want to learn more about your passion? Does he lean closer to you? Maybe he has some ideas to help you reach your goal. When you are in doubt, does he encourage you to go ahead? Is he supportive? Now if you feel that everything you say get in the left ear and leave his head by the right ear, maybe it’s because:

  • He’s having a bad day. So you can’t really blame him, right?
  • He has nothing between his ears and the sound just go through his head without any obstacles ( well, hey! You can’t blame him)
  • He’s not interested in you as a person.

Usually, you will not have clear ideas of this signal at the first date. But sometimes, even at that moment, you can have a good grasp of the kind of man you are dealing with. Just remember that men are different. Most of us are not as proactive to help as you do, ladies (at least not, at the beginning of the relation). Maybe it’s unfair, but it’s just like this. But remember. Think about that cutie. If he really cares, he will at least show his interest. He will ask questions to know more about your dream. Maybe he will even make some suggestions.

Beep, Beep, beep! A good man may be around you…


5 Signs he’s the right guy for you


How did you know?

“Sometimes, the heart sees what is invisible to the eye” – H Jackson Brown Jr.

Another good sign is that, sometimes, you have the impression that he sees and feels something even if you don’t say anything. If it happens, it means that there’s something between you, guys.  Let’s say that you are about to get sick in the office. But you are a tough girl, right? So you want to stay until your job is done. You don’t want  anybody to see that you are in a bad shape. Now here’s, that cute guy you like so much. He passes near your desk, hesitates, stops and walk back. He looks at you a bit concerned and say:

Hey, are you alright?”

This guy has some empathy. Does it mean that he’s in love? Not necessarily. Do not fall in that trap of thinking that a sweet man acts this way because he’s in love with you (it’s like men who think that a woman who smiles at them means that she want to have sex with them).

But add this signal to the one above and the next one and you will have a pretty good idea of the man you observe. Maybe you have a good reason to like that guy…


Hummm. It feels good

“There is a kind of serenity in love which is almost a paradise”- Alain Badiou

OK. Here, I’m not talking necessarily about sex. Just tell me. How do you feel when he’s near you? Do you feel great, relaxed? Do you feel like you are breathing some fresh air? Do you feel that, suddenly, everything is going to be OK when he’s with you? Yes? Wonderful! Well if you have that feeling every times he’s around, it because your sweety brings a warm, relaxing, calming element in your life and you just love it.

Beep, beep, beep!


5 Signs he’s the right guy for you


She’s just fine like that

“I took the good time. I’ll take the bad time. I’ll take you just the way you are.” Just the way you are- Billy Joel

Yeah, that song is just a classic. My sister loves that song. Here, I’m pretty sure that you already have a good idea of my point. You will notice this sign only after a few dates. Some parts of your personality (that you would prefer to hide) will slip out of your hands. How does he react? Do you feel judged? If you feel that you are living a love story in a free judgment zone, you may have a wonderful signal right in front of you. In another article, I’ve talked about perfection in relationship. How do you feel about that word? Does it refer to the absence of flaw? Maybe a perfect boyfriend means to you someone who does exactly what you want, when you want it. Well again, if you look for a doormat, I hope you will find one. But perfection is more interesting, more fascinating than that. Perfection has all to do with acceptance in relationship. The more your man will know you, the more you will know if he’s the right one for you. He will know your weaknesses, your fears. Does he still have strong feelings for you anyway, regardless of those flaws? In other words, do you feel that he says:

“I know that she’s like that. It’s OK, I can deal with that. But wow! I just love that woman”.

My life is just fine. With you, it’s even better!

This sign comes with the first point in some ways (is he interested in what you like, do and dream about). You already know that having a great life is up to you; this is the golden rule (click here to read more about that golden rule. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Follow that rule and you will have a more pleasant life). Here, ask you yourself. Do I feel that he adds more positiveness in my life? If your answer is yes, you may have a winning ticket.

Take your time to answer to each of those points. Some signs will show themselves slowly. Others will pop out right in your face. Remember that both good and bad signs are what you are looking for: what you want to know who is that guy you are really dealing with.

Do you have a question or do you have other positives signs that come to your mind? C’mon,  girl,  don’t be shy. Share your comments with us!

Now go, lady. And find your amazing man!



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