3 ways to flirt like crazy even if you are shy

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Girl, you already have it.

Imagine my sister and me a few years ago. We are in her apartment, talking. She’s still single and almost desperate. She’s looking for a man to marry. But first, you need to find a boyfriend, right? Well it’s not easy for everyone…

The problem is that she’s shy.

Now, things start are getting better for her. She can talk to stranger without having a broken, nervous voice.  But how the heck can you flirt with a cute guy if you feel the need to force yourself to just talk to a neighbor?

“Well, a shy woman is kind of cute for a man”, I say. “You can start with that…”

She looks at me surprised. I know that I got her attention.

“ I would even say that being shy is almost sexy”.

Of course, the rule of thumb will be that the more you are shy, the more discrete a flirt technique will have to be useful for you. In fact, the advice that specialists give to men will apply to you. Here’s what they say:

“The best flirt technique is the one when woman ask herself: was he flirting with me?”

Think only about the idea. You want him to notice you. You just want to flirt in some way that you can play the game without blushing too much. Right?

Now, do not imagine that the discrete moves you will make will have less impact than the bold ones.  Remember what I say in the article 3 magical tips to make a man fall in love with you? Men are easily impressed (and we like it that way!) So if you think that you don’t have what it takes to flirt or if you think that you wouldn’t dare to flirt with that cute neighbors, here are 3 moves that you can use today to make him notice you.



#1 can you help me?

You have seen it many times in the movie, right? The lady is crossing the street with her groceries and drops a bag. It happens that a cute man is near her and comes to her rescue. Aw! So cute….

It doesn’t matter if you already know him or it he’s a total stranger. Find a reason to ask for some help and there’s a good chance that he will be more than willing to play the valiant knight for you. He can’t help it: it’s in his DNA…

Now will that technique work at 100%? Well not necessarily. If he doesn’t, well ask you this question: would you go out with that kind of man? Maybe you have talked to a total jerk ( but let’s be fair: maybe he was in a real emergency).

Do not forget to use some touching techniques  to give more depth to the first contact (more about that in the article 5 tips to find a boyfriend). A little “thank you” is not enough. For instance, gently touch his shoulder with your hand. You know, just like a woman would do when she approves her man with admiration. Do not forget this idea: start as soon as possible  to act like a girlfriend.


3 ways to flirt like crazy even if you are shy


# 2 United, we stand…

Do you need anybody?A little help from my friend – The Beatles

Here is a great opportunity to say what you think about a man. Organize something (or even better make a suggestion) and invite your friends. This technique works best if you already know the man. What? Your colleague is gorgeous? Great! So it means that he already knows the persons you will invite in your next party.  The idea is to talk to him, give him a good idea of what you think about him and at the same time let him understand that all you wanted is to tell him why you think that he should hang out with your gang. Have fun!

Again, has you talk to him, do not forget make some light physical contacts.

“Was she flirting with me?”


# 3 dress to impress

To dress to impress is  what we could call a passive way to flirt with men. This idea is to use that technique with the 2 first one. Now, you have probably heard some advice like that you should wear more red. Well that depends on your preference and if that color fits to you… Here I will not tell you exactly what you should wear. In fact, the way you dress doesn’t have to be that complicated.

All you have to do is to find out what is your “best feature” (A.K.A what part of your body men like the most).

Maybe it’s your legs, maybe it’s your bottom. Now let’s say that it’s your breast. You do not need to wear a low-cut dress (hey! you are shy, aren’t you?). All you have to do is to wear  something that will give a little of oomph to what you already have. Here, maybe a different bra will make you even sexier. You say that you have beautiful, sexy lips? Try to wear a nice red lipstick. Let’s say that you are able to give a man a heart attack with your legs. You don’t have to wear a mini skirt if you don’t want to. They are a lot of different style of pans made to show to the world how sexy you are. Take your time to find the right one for you.


3 ways to flirt like crazy even if you are shy



You got the look. You sho’nuf to be cookin’ in my book.” You got the look – Prince

Here I will tell you exactly what I said to a lady just a month ago.

You will have to accept that beautiful sexy part that you have. A lot of shy women don’t realize the “asset” they have. As a man, it just amazes me!  You need to realize that you may have something that men just love to watch.

Yes girl, you are sexy. Too bad for you!

Now if you do not want to be too noticed, I understand. It means that you will have to find the sweet spot where you will be notice without being too noticed. Or, in another word, noticed only by the men you want.

This is a dream that many women have. I understand. Well, it will never happen! You are beautiful? Then you will be beautiful for everybody.

But the idea worth to be kept in mind: Being sexy without being to obvious. Flirt without blushing…

Do you have any question? Any comments? Please,  share your thoughts in the little white box below.

Now you know how to flirt like crazy even if you’re shy.

Go, lady. And find your amazing man!



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