3 tips to make him crazy about you with just text messages!

3 tips to make him crazy about you with just text messages!

Safe and sexy

What if I tell you that you can flirt with a man like crazy with just text messages? It doesn’t matter if you are shy or if you are afraid of  what he will think about you. This technique is safe. No danger that it will backfire on you. It doesn’t even matter if you just have met the man. So what is this amazing technique? You’ll be surprised how simple it is…

Time to play!

Well, first, remember that the moment you have his phone number, the ball is yours. I mean, here, that you have now the perfect opportunity to play with his mind using text messages. If you play your cards well, he will probably appreciate the flirt.

So here’s your tactic: All you want to do is to create some kind of light and sexy confusion in his head. You will start slowly and then if the results seem to show up,  you will gradually put more heat in your message. So to start, you will begin with some safe (sexy) texts.


3 tips to drive him crazy about you with text messages


It’s all in the suggestion

“I’m willing for love suggestion” Love suggestions -Will Downing

Think about it. You can use words like magic spells. Words can  create moods when they are well-used in a discussion. It doesn’t matter what is the subject.  Humans are weird in some way. When we hear words, we then to adapt our body language so it fits to the language used. We want to be coherent to what’s going on. Now, your goal is want to create a mind frame, a sexy atmosphere so the man will have to answer to you with more and more warmth. No, it will not necessarily happen overnight. But your message will be a good start to test the water, if you know what I mean. The future will reveal what happened in his body when he read your text messages.

So here are 3 tips to follow to make a great sexy and safe text messages.



#1 do your homework

Remember what I said in the article 3 ways to flirt like crazy even if you are shy? Starting slow and discreetly is a great strategy. The idea is this one:  keep him guessing about what’s going on. I mean, look at him! He doesn’t know exactly how to interpret your message. What is she doing? Yes, you are creating some confusion in his head. He won’t mind. It’s a fun and sexy feeling.

But what will you talk about, first? This is where you will have to your homework. Maybe that handsome man is your colleague, your neighbor. Maybe this cute guy is just behind you in your class. You will have to learn more about him. Do you know his passion, his preference? Let’s say that he’s part of the Steelers nation. Well you have a perfect opportunity to text him right after a football game. You can share your reaction. You don’t have to like the game. All you need is the result.

TEXT MESSAGE: “Steelers:6 Patriots: 21 . grrr!”

The point is this: do you like that guy? Do your homework. Go and read again you copy of the ebook  conversation chemistry . Just refresh your mind. Find the best technique to find the information you need. Yes, there is a lot of tips you can use. The idea is to find the one that fits best to your situation. The goal: make the man talk about his passion(or  find someone who know him).

It will be easier to text him if you approach him talking about things he cares. In fact, you will look  like a cool lady to his eyes.


3 tips to drive him crazy about you with text messages


#2 The sweet nicknames

What? Oh, the game is just starting. You can put some spice in your text messages. All you have to do is to use some safe (but sexy) nicknames. Let’s say that your colleagues will meet together at 5 pm, near the pub after the office. Now, this man you like is not sure of the place everybody will meet. So you text him. Why not  saying:

“It’s at the pub. At 5 pm, darling”.

You can start to use sweet nicknames (like darlin’ ,sweety) very soon in the seduction process. If you dare, you can even use the word “honey” or “baby” but those words show are more obvious. They reveal your intentions.

Remember: safe and sexy nicknames can do the job (in fact a lot of couples still use them years after they have been married).

Now what will be his reaction? Who knows? Certainly not him! He’s too confused. How strong it will be? Only the future will tell. But, for now, what you want is to create or to amplify a fire inside of him.

“Come on baby light my fire!” Come on baby light my fire – The Doors

This is a kind of confusion that we, men, love to feel inside. It’s sexy, clear and… not clear at the same time. Besides, use that technique and you will you just show that you are sure of yourself and fun to talk to. So you don’t even have to think about that BS people usually say men and their need to be the hunter and not the hunted (more about that in the article Help me find a boyfriend).


3 tips to drive him crazy about you with text messages


#3 create a behavior in his mind.

“ I guess I’m all confused about youI’ve been thinking about you – London Beat

The idea, here, is to suggest an idea in his mind. It doesn’t matter if that idea was there or not in the first place. If it’s already there, he will look at you surprised and  ask himself:

“ How does she know?”

If he doesn’t, he will start to think about it right away. You are a winner on both sides!

The next time you discuss with him, finish your discussion with a last funny and sexy message like this one.

“And stop thinking about me like that?, will you?” ;0)

Like what? He will probably smile if you already have the habit  to call him with sweet nicknames. In other words, the timing is right.

When you want to flirt with discretion, the timing is everything.

Do you have any question? Any comments? There’s a little white box below just for you! People will appreciate your ideas.

Now you know how to mess up his mind, right?

Go and find your amazing man!


P.S if he starts to flirt with you, nothing stops you to go further. As long has you feel comfortable with it, go lady! Have fun!

P.S: “Brace yourself tonight, baby”! A shy woman (who would be my girlfriend) texted that message to me. That day, I just knew it: “ I have the golden ticket”. You too can create that emotion in a man!

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