3 Right Places To Find A Man.

Not enough

I have to admit it: I’m not a runner like my sister. So I hardly heard her voice what she said…

“What? I ask, sitting on the sidewalk, exhausted. What did you say?

She looks at me smiling. She knows that I don’t jog that much…

“I said that it’s not enough to know where you can find a man. You still have to find the right places for you”.

Now, here I’m trying to catch my breath.  My sister sees that I’m a bit pensive

“That’s enough, she says. I want to keep my big brother alive.”

Thanks, Lil’ Sister…


What do you want?

So here’s the idea. Maybe, you have heard that there are some places where you will have more chance to meet men. But ask yourself this question: what type of men are you looking for?

  • Are you looking for somebody with whom you can talk about arts?
  • Are you looking for a man who loves outdoor activities?
  • Do you want a Christian boyfriend or somebody who likes to talk about books and literature?

You will have to choose your place accordingly to the type of man you are looking for. Here are some examples.



You know that one, don’t you? But remember that you will have to assist a class where you will have the best chance to meet the type of man you are looking for. Do not think only about what you love to practice. Think about your ideal man.

It’s not necessary to run in your head your list of clichés about men. The solution is not to assist every class that you think men will want to go. Try this exercise instead: Think about your man. Does he like books and love to talk about literature? Then maybe your best option would be a class where you can learn how to write essays, novels and move scripts. Let’s say that you are just looking for a rich man (or a man who wants to be wealthy)? What about those places where you can learn the art of real estate investing? Some classes are created to explain in detail stock investing.


3 Right Places To Find A Man.


Coffee shop

Take a look around you the next time you go to a coffee shop.

I bet that you will see students working on their laptop. At your left, a man is scrolling down a web page on his phone. Sir, don’t let your coffee get cold! You can hear at your right two women talking about that report they have to write; it needs to be finished tomorrow (if not, their boss will be furious). In the back, 3 men are talking about a business opportunity.

There’s no doubt: Successful men love to work at coffee shops. The most popular ones are so packed that people, who do not know each other, will have to share a table. This is wonderful if that person is a man! Again, try to remember what kind of boyfriend you are looking for. Let’s say that you are looking for a man who has a certain kind of artistic sensibility. You will have to find the coffee shops where the artists of your city love to go.

There is a kind of coffee shop for every type of personality. Google a bit to find the spots where you will find the kind of man you are looking for.


3 Right Places To Find A Man.



Some single guys want to make the world a better place. The idea here is not to get involved in the most association you can. You will burn yourself, for sure! Here again, picture yourself the man you want to live with. Is he involved in his community? Maybe he’s a Christian. In that case, take a look in the Christian associations of your city.


Who’s that guy?

There are a lot of places where you can meet a man. But like Lil’ Sister said, knowing where they are in general is not enough. You will have to find the right place to find the man you want.  But maybe you have some difficulties to visualize exactly the man that you want. For sure, you can read the article I can’t find a boyfriend Destroy your doubt, to know more about visualization and how this technique can help you find a new boyfriend. The easiest way to do that is simply to draw your dream on a piece of paper. Here’s a great video that shows how to visualize your dream with some pencils.


Do you have any question? Any comments? Leave a message in the little box just below.

Now, you know how to visualize your man. You know where to go to find him.

Go, lady. Find your amazing man.


Jo Fontaine



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