3 magical tips to make a man fall in love with you

3 magical tips to make a man fall in love with you

Can you feel it

It’s a kind of magic”. It’s a kind of magic- Queen

Do you remember the article 5 romantic movies that you can watch with your soon- to-be-boyfriend? We talked about an easy technique to make a man fall in love with you. That idea is so easy to apply that even a shy person can use it again and again. The idea is that you want to create a magical romantic atmosphere all around you and your man.


3 incredible techniques to make a man fall in love with you


# 1 Act, talk like the wonderful girlfriend you are…

And you can’t resist it when it happens to you”. You can’t resist it– Lyle Lovett

This simple strategy pretty straightforward and simple. You just act like if you were already his girlfriend.

In other words,  think like if you were on rehearsal. You practice your role as a girlfriend ( and for him as a boyfriend). You will play your part, using words, little gestures to create a sweet energy of intimacy. How strong will be that energy? Well, sometimes strong enough to light a fire that was extinct…

To make my point about how powerful this technique is, a woman decided one day to break up with me (well let’s say that she decided to make herself invisible and very hard to contact). Finally, we just stopped to see each other. Now I wasn’t angry at her (and I’m still not). I knew what was going on in her mind. Anyway, I decided to move on and have my own life. 2 years later, in a house party, here we come face to face. What a surprise! She’s a bit nervous at first but, finally, she sees that I’m cool with her, smiling (and not faking it- she still knows when I don’t feel OK).  After a few “how things are going?”, she looks at my red pullover. The fabric is very soft. So she put a hand on my chest and tap if gently; Just like a girlfriend would do with her man when she approves something.

You look great with that pullover, she says”.

She then brushes some imaginary dust on my shoulder with her hand. And the magic is created!  Here is a scene starring a cute couple: It just feels like we are still in couple.


3 incredible techniques to make a man fall in love with you


“Well, Jo. That’s because you both still have some feelings for each other”…

Thanx for your objection, lady. Here is my answer. You will always need some help: a little fire in the man you want to seduce. It doesn’t matter how little it is. It got to be there. In fact, it’s possible that both of you will not even notice it.  Let’s face it. You will need a tremendous amount of energy to create a fire from scratch. But if there’s something inside of him (even a tiny sparkle) well there you go! Use the easy approach to amplify what’s already there.

Now most of the time, you will have no clue if there’s anything in there. You will have to make a guess and try one of those 3 techniques.


#2 Oh my!

All you need is to find an opportunity to amplify that little fire inside of him. For instance, try to find the right moment to play on his need to be the protector. Of course, you are a strong woman. But the next time you will make a jump because a rude driver decides to honk brutally the car in front of him, don’t be shy: express your emotions openly. Take is harm in your hand and put your head on his shoulder (it’s safer that if you put your head on his chest; but if you fell like you can do it, it’s even better). Then just say:

Oh my god… I almost had a heart attack”!

Just laugh about it to make it less dramatic.


3 incredible techniques to make a man fall in love with you


# 3 Pets name

Here, it’s a classic. In fact this technique is link to the first idea above. You will easily find a list of pet names that you can use to nurture the fire in a man or to amplify it. Now, your choice will depend of 2 criteria.

  1. How well do you know him.
  2. How do you feel about that expression.

You may feel uncomfortable using the word “baby” at first (but then again, if you want to play it sexy right away, go for it -more about flirting styles in the article 2 flirt styles to find your perfect boyfriend). If that word is a bit too hot and heavy for you, you can always soften the word. For instance, why not using the word “darling”.

What? He’s so sexy and you like his alpha male attitude? Why not using the word “tiger

No doubt, the pet name technique is the most difficult of the 3. You will have to rate the level of intimacy that surrounds you and your man. You will have to feel his personality. But please, don’t be shy to use that tip right away. All you have to do is to use a safe words like “darling”. It will for sure do the job; you will find more inspiration later on.

Create a magical moment. Create that feeling of intimacy. Assume that you are already together. Think like a seller: assume the sale when the moment you pass through the door!

“Love and sale… Jo… That is not a very romantic comparison…

I know… Seduction as a lot to do with techniques. But the result is sooo romantic!

Do you have any question? Any comments? Please leave them below, in the little white box.

Now, you know how to create that magic.

Go and find your amazing man!


Jo Fontaine


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