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3 easy visualization techniques to find a husband fast

Is that for real?

Time is on my side, yes it isTime is on my side – The Doors

Too many people on the net talk about visualization like it’s a kind magical ritual. For instance, all you have to do is to see your future husband in your mind and, one day, your dream will be realized. Yes lady, time is on your side! Well I’m not saying that it’s not true:  in the article how to attract the man you want – the law of attraction I have said that everything that you focus your mind on will manifest itself in one way or another. But there’s a easier way to explain that phenomenon. So, that article is for you ladies who are more skeptic about the ideas of visualization and manifestation.

If it’s on TV, it must be real!

“Television rules the nation” Television rules the nation– Daft Punk

What’s great about visualization techniques  is that you can see examples everyday on TV. The best teachers in the world seems to be the athletes. They just teach us what to do if we really want to have something from life. All we have to do is to follow some of their principle and watch things happen. So here we start.


3 easy visualization techniques to find a husband fast

#1 Getting prepared just like an athlete does.

“Hold them (your goal) in your mind until they become second nature” – Les Brown

Think about the movie Rush (2013).  There’s a scene where you see how a formula 1 racing driver prepares himself using visualization. James Hunt, the great  legend practices, sees the circuit in his head. He closes his eyes and holds an imaginary steering wheel. He sees every turn he will have to deal with. You can even see when he breaks, when he accelerates. Oh, he turns left and now. Amazing…

An athlete has seen his moment a thousand time in his head before the competition has started.  Just like a driver or a tennis woman does, you can visualize your moment. So in that wonderful evening, you will be with the man of your dream. But tell me what exactly you will do? In what color will be your dress? Now try to imagine his presence, his attitude. How old is he? How well he’s dressed? Find the more details you can about him. Now how do you talk when he’s with you? Imagine your smile (here you can smile for real to add more weight to your visualisation. Add real physical actions to your image when you can just like James Hunt did). Now about  the sweetness of your tone voice? How do you propose him to go your favorite restaurant?

By visualizing, you are fine-tuning your tone of voice; you are creating the right attitude. The one that will help you when you will date the first time the man you really want.

And you know what? When you fell that you have found the right approach, keep practicing again, and again. Just like an athlete.

What? You want more? Then watch what Emily Cook (of the US freestyle ski team) has to say about visualizing each aerial jump she will have to make in the Olympics.

When you will feel that you have found the right approach, keep practicing again, and again. Just like an athlete.


3 easy visualization techniques to find a husband fast


#2 visualizing with music


“Music makes the people come together” Music – Madonna

You already know that a lot of people start to listen sad song after a break up. It’s a way to say:

“This is what I’m living  now. This is how I feel.”

This is how powerful music is. It helps you to focus on the present, on how you feel. But it can do better. It can help you to get  (and keep) the right vibration to reach your goal.

A lot of football player or fitness fan will tell you this. Music is a great way to motivate yourself and a wonderful technique to visualize your goals. Athletes like to have in their phone a list of their favorite songs.

Why not using the same technique as you are looking for a man?  And even after…

There is no right or wrong choice here. It all depends on your sensibility. The beautiful song  “Just the way you are” may be a boring song for some; my sister thinks it’s a masterpiece. Some women will prefer a more heavy song like “Mama I’m coming back home”.

“Lost and found and turned around by the fire of your eyes” Mama I’m coming back home – Ozzy Osbourne

Yes, in some ways, this is a sad song. But Ozzy sings about how he feels when he’s alone. He just can’t live without his lady. Some women are really touched by that song. So if it works, if it creates the right vibration inside of you, then it’s a right choice.

The song doesn’t even have to talk about love. In fact, it could be just an instrumental song.

If it works…

Think about it. Music can shape a new attitude for you in a few seconds. I’ve seen a woman who totally changed her body language when the song Billie Jean started in a supermarket! Suddenly the lady was cool, sexy, sure of herself. Almost provocative.  Think about those Latin dancers who seem to dance even if they are walking in the street. Music can help you to create the right attitude you need to realize your dreams.

You don’t have to know the  “why”, the how come”. All that matter is this: is this song give you the energy you need to attract the man you want: yes or no?  If the answer is yes, add it to your list!


3 easy visualization techniques to find a husband fast


#3 meditation

“Sleep is the best meditation” Dalai lama

This third part of the article will be shorter. Yes, meditation is like a kind of visualization. It’s just like what you would like to see, here,  is a blank canvas.

Nothing else.

I have talked about how you can put images in your mind, how you can create great emotions that will help you find your husband. Now let’s talk a bit about a technique that will help you get rid of some unpleasant emotions and images. There are a lot of books that will show you how to meditate; this is not the goal of this article here. The only thing that I would like you to remember is that you will get better and better at meditation as you gain some experience. Don’t get discouraged because:

“It didn’t work the last time I tried”.

Your first step will be to accept the ideas that cross your mind. Let it come and let it go. With time, you will see that you are more and more disconnected with those images. This will be a HUGE step.

Create what you want; reject what you don’t want. It’s that simple (but not always easy).

Do you have any question, any comment? Please share them in the little box below.

Now you know how you can be irresistible and find a husband using the power of visualization.

Go, lady!  And find your amazing man.


Jo Fontaine


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