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A new way to find a boyfriend

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feat A new way to find a boyfriend

I want to share with you a new way to find your perfect boyfriend. I have to say that I’m a bit jealous. I should have thought about it first. But no; my colleague Nathalie did. Here is how the story starts: I’m talking with Nathalie about love and relationship. She says that men are […]


The #1 technique to flirt with a guy without being obvious

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feat. how to flirt like crazy with a guy without being obvious

This article is for you, ladies, who are professionals, strong.  Suddenly, you find yourself in a great but difficult situation at the same time.   Yes, it does happen.   Let’s say that when you have just met a guy in the elevator. He’s your new colleague. Hum… You feel inside that this guy may be the one. Yes, this man seems to be exactly what you are […]