2 flirt styles to find your perfect boyfriend

A new level!

So this article follows, in some ways, the one I wrote a few days ago.

Remember  when I talked about how you can use the way you talk to your friend to your own advantage in other occasions? All you have to do is to practice to find the right,  friendly tone when you talk to stranger. Every day, there’s a new opportunity to let your personality shine and, one day a man you like will notice even if you have made no effort to make it happen (to know more about this technique, read my article 1 awesome tip to find the boyfriend of your dreams) ?

So once you get that tone, and you have read some of those very effective tips in your eBook conversation chemistry , it’s time to go hunting for a man. Yeah, it’s time to flirt and find your perfect boyfriend.

Hum… Really?

Well, the answer is that it’s up to you. You still can practice a bit more with people you meet in general (man and women, by the way). When you feel more comfortable talking to strangers, you can start flirting.  But how?


2 flirt styles to find your perfect boyfriend


Think about those 2 famous actresses.

Have you realized that people seem to flirt in different ways? For instance, some men will be more direct when they approach you. Other with be more subtle. Sometimes, you will even ask yourself

“Was that man flirting with me?”

Maybe yes, maybe not, lady! In fact there are 2 styles of flirting: the direct one and the indirect one.  Let’s link each of them to a famous movie star. Let’s say:

Those two legends show two of the most common ways to flirt. The first is famous for her provocative way to approach men. The second is still sexy but more subtle. Let’s see in what state of mind those two ladies approach the men they like.



“First I’m trying to be prove that I’m a person. Then maybe I’ll convince myself that I’m an actress.”- Marilyn Monroe

Let’s start with Marilyn, my favorite one.

The quote above is a bit sad but you can learn a lot of form it. See, Marilyn had a talent: she used to go pretty sexual in her conversations (at least for the time) and still get away with it. The reason is quite simple.

“Sexuality is only attractive when it’s natural and spontaneous”

Let’s forget her movies for a moment. In real life, she has seduced many great stars (Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller among them).  What she says in her interviews is by far more interesting:

“It’s a pity that so many people despise and crush this natural feeling”

Here Marilyn says that, one of the biggest problem a woman could have is not that she’s has no idea of what to say and how to flirt. Monroe says that it starts with the way one thinks about oneself. It’s sad that many of us are ashamed of ourselves; we repress our desire to please. There’s a little voice in our head that says:

“Sexuality is dirty. It’s a sin”.

You have probably heard about her identity problem and her disastrous childhood.  Adult, she was (for some colleague) a real pain in the neck but for her fans, she was that she was a sweet lady in danger. A woman that needed to be protected. That was her biggest talent. To put out what she had inside of her and use it to seduce. She was fragile and she finally used that part of her personality to achieve her goal. Now we have talked about the idea of asking for help when you need. There are many techniques that you can use when you want to suddenly rise up the heat in a conversation. (To know more, read the article 5 tips to find a boyfriend).

In this post, I want to stress the importance of being comfortable with stranger in general and especially with men so your approach feels natural and spontaneous. Then, you can naturally add some spices in your game, play coy, and act like that cute lady in distress who needs a knight in her life (a need that a lot of men can’t resist- they want to be a proud knight in a woman’s heart).

In brief, you are ready to be Marilyn in The Seven Year Itch.

You know what? There’s a good chance that you will not even have to wait long. You practice your conversation skill in general to find a man. As you practice, you will (without thinking about it!) start to flirt with the cute men you meet.

But now, you will play the game in your own style.

Doin’ what comes natur’lly”- Annie get your gun



Mae West

This style is not for everybody. Well not when you have just met a man. Sure, if you feel that this provocative style is for you, then why not? To show how Mae West used to flirt with men, here are some remarkable quotes of the great lady.

After a show starting the blonde lady:

The man: you were wonderful tonight.

Mae West: yeah, I’m always wonderful at night.

The man: tonight. You were especially good…

Mae West: “well when I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad… I’m better…”

Yes, this style is not for everybody at the beginning. But this style makes wonder when you feel that you can handle it. A great moment to shift into higher gear is when you will feel comfortable with a man.

This way to flirt is perfect when you know that there’s already a bond between you and the man you are talking to. Tell me about him. Do you feel that he’s interested? How about his personality? Do you think that he is not the kind of man who will be too judgmental? Do you feel secure to play your game?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, you go for it, girl! Play the Mae West’s game. I know a very shy woman who started to flirt in that style  without even thinking about it. She just felt that it would not backlash on her. She knew that the man was talking to was just about to be her next boyfriend. So she decided to past to the next level.

Playing Mae West is fun and very sexy. It can light a fire in a split second. You do not have to remember all of her lines.  Again start with all those little chats you have with your neighbors, with people you met in the line when you are waiting for the bus. This is the best warming exercise ever in communication. Get used to put your beautiful personality (the one that you care with your friends) in all your discussions.

Then start to hunt…

Hum…. There a cute one on your left. Don’t look, don’t look!


Do you have any question, any comments? Share your thoughts with us in the little box below.

Now you know that flirt can be so fun.

Go, lady! Find your amazing man.


Jo Fontaine


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