10 fun and cheap dates ideas (to know if he’s the boyfriend you are looking for)

Him? Really?

So you have just met that man. He seems Ok… Better. Looks that he could be the boyfriend that you are looking for. You know, the right one?

OK, maybe we are getting too excited… Let’s think for a moment. First, he’s not boring: he seems relatively happy (how many depressed men have you seen in speed dating even?)

Of course, you are not sure about him. So let’s follow the rule that a lot of men have heard at least once. That rule is still the king in your love life, ladies…

To dot spend too much money on a first date!

“Yes, Jo. But do you have some good ideas?  I don’t want to look like a cheap person…”

First, as dating is concerned, it’s very rare that a woman will look cheap in her spending. But you know what? That’s a fear that most men will have. So if you propose one of those romantic and cheap ideas as a first date, you will for sure make a few points. Here are my favorite ones (yes, I don’t like to spend too much money on a first date and I’m proud of it).

All you need are your legs…

Walking is a wonderful way to find inspiration when you need to have a good conversation. This is probably the reason why the great philosopher Aristotle used to walk with his students when he was teaching. Everybody is moving, everyone’s mind is running! All you have to do is to put in practice some of the techniques that you have learned in the eBook Conversation Chemistry so you know more about this cute man you are walking with. Of course, you want him to know more about you too. Walking in a park is a good way to reach those two goals.

But besides this exchange of information ( it’s not romantic, right?), a walk is a good introduction to act like lovers. You know, when you are with someone you love, you just want to be with him? Walking as a first date is a kind of rehearsal for something great that could happen soon: a romantic moment as a couple.


10 fun and cheap dates ideas (to know if he’s the boyfriend you are looking for)

Are you hungry?

Yes I do!

This one is a great idea for the same reason I gave before. Try it and you may feel like you are getting ready for something more serious in a few weeks (hopefully). I’m talking about a having a picnic in your favorite park. Sure, it can happened that you struggle a bit to find a subject to talk about. That is the reason why, maybe, going to your local park to lunch will be the best second date to have with that cute man.

All you need is a blanket, and bring some snacks and beverages. It you are good at cooking, you can make food at home for the picnic. Just try to keep it simple.  You remember the rule of the game, right? Do not spend too much money

Well it’s true for your time


10 fun and cheap dates ideas (to know if he’s the boyfriend you are looking for)

Sing with me

I still remember. A woman proposed to go to a karaoke as a second date. I was astonished. Not that it was a bad idea (in fact, that idea was great). But I was surprised that I’ve never had that idea before! Here again, wait until you  have a little idea of his personality before you propose that idea. But that being said, give yourself a chance: do not think that he will say “hell no” to your idea because he’s shy.  I know a lot of shy people who love karaokes. In fact this is, for them, one of the best ways to let themselves go. They just want to have fun and act crazy without having the fear of being judged. So just before you propose that idea, test the water. It he says yes, he will for sure think that you are a fun girl to be around. You are different.



Game not over!

If your future boyfriend is somewhere between 20 and 40, there’s a good chance that he was (and still is in his heart) a gamer. So why not propose your date an arcade night. It may sound weird but having a good time playing video games can be very romantic (but if you are very, very good, try to not win too much. I know, I know… Men are just like that…)


10 fun and cheap dates ideas (to know if he’s the boyfriend you are looking for)


Those little games

Think about those hobbies that look more or less like sports. How many ideas that comes to your mind? Let’s start. Mini golfing, darts, bowling…  All those activities could help you to win his heart. All you need to know is what he likes and if you are interested to spend a few hours in playing this game.


It’s not only about him

The last words that you have read  in the last paragraph are not there by coincidence. Like in everything in life, you have to think about yourself too. Imagine: you think that this man is so sweet. What? He loves to go bowling. So you google a bit and find out that there is a new place where you can see a movie and then play a game right after. Great! So you invite him. Of course, he’s happy! He has never heard about that place.

There’s just one thing…

You hate bowling…

Do you think that he will feel your lack of interest as he tries to make a new strike? Well, maybe not when he plays. But back home, he will certainly start to play the movie of the date in his head; maybe he will notice something weird. It’s like… You are bored…

“She liked the movie. But then when we were playing together something happened. Maybe  she thinks that I’m a boring guy….”

What?  You say that you really like this guy. No. You love him. Well, if that’s the case, don’t worry about what I’ve just said. You will be able to hide the fact that you are not a fan of his favorite hobby. You just want to be with him. So your eyes are glowing anyway and it’s so cute.

Now if you are not sure yet, if you just want to test the water, why not choose an activity that you will both like? Put all your chances on your side.

Maybe this guy is the right one. You just don’t know right now…

He could be the perfect boyfriend you are looking for and (who knows?) the right husband for you.

Only the future will tell.

Do you have any questions, any comments? Please share your thoughts with us in the little box below.

Now you know that the first date doesn’t have to be expensive and boring.

Go! And find your amazing man!


Jo Fontaine



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