1 mistake you don’t want to make when you are looking for a boyfriend

feat. Stop! Do not make that mistake when you are looking for love.

 Happy New Year

Happy new year! Now we are starting 2019, I want to talk about a mistake some ladies make when they are looking for a boyfriend. Now it’s not anybody’s fault. It’s just that this faux pas is not talked about that much. So I will take what happened the last New Year’s eve as an opportunity to make my point.

What happened? Well, imagine. It’s 9 PM. In 3 hours, we are in 2019! A party is organized for singles. Eva is there. She thinks that this party will be great; just like the last one, a year ago (yeah, she still hasn’t found a man yet…). Indeed, the last party in 2017 was fantastic!  But this December 31st promises to be even better: today, Eva will not be alone. One of her good friend will be there too.



Good looking

Everybody in the dining room looks great and handsome. Men are with ties (ugh… I hate ties!). The ladies are beautiful and classy with their red, black or pink long dresses. The music is a bit lousy but hey! the food is good. Yes, this evening will be great. Wait until everybody leaves the restaurant, cross the street and go to the club and dance!

And this is when Eva’s friend makes her big mistake. Eva just knew it was coming.



Too much or not enough

So what is the advice that people will usually give you when you are looking for a man? Well, it will be one of those:

Don’t give him to early what he wants. He will lose his interest in you. Men are like cats…”

“Do not be too needy. You will scare him away. Men are like squirrels…”

“Do not be too available. A man  who is missing you will be trilled when he sees you. Men can be trained like good puppies jumping all around when his mistress gets back home…”

OK, I’m exaggerating even if those advices are good to a certain point ( to know more, the article how to make a man miss you). But do you know that a there’s something that is more important of those ideas above? That simple rule will save you a lot of pain.
1 mistake ladies do when they are looking for a boyfriend. Be careful

What you’re doing, girl?

In fact, Eva arrives a bit late at the restaurant. Most of the places are already taken. Her friend is at the table number 3. She talks to a woman. When she sees Eva, she waves her right hand. A place is empty for miss “sorry-I’m-late”.

Sorry I’m late, Maria”, says Eva as she takes off her coat. “How things are going?”

Maria starts to complain about the table. Yes, it took only a second for Eva to notice the problem. See, each table can have 10 persons. The table number 3 is no exception. But on this table, there’s only 1 man. How can you expect to meet men if your table has 9 women and only one man?

Eva nods as she smiles seeing a dish of lasagna a server just putted in front of her.

My gosh! It’s delicious” she says.

Maria is not in the mood to eat. What about the dance after? Well now, Maria is really depressed. You can’t hit the floor when you feel bad, right?

 “Nah… I will just go with my friend and drink a beer. Do you want to join us?”

“Oh man… it’s going to be a lousy new year eve”, says Eva in her mind.

What are you doing, Maria?



Here and now

So this is the mistake. Never ever forget to live in the present moment. Sure, sometimes, things will be very difficult. You will be discouraged. But try to remember that what creates your personality, as a man sees it, will always be that sparkle, that vibration you have in the present moment. If you kill that little light inside, you are not only missing the opportunity to find the man you want. You are hurting yourself.

Think about what you could have said to Maria if you were there:

“Yes, your table is not a great one. But realize that 2 of your good friends are with you; have you tasted that succulent  meal? Try have fun. Enjoy the moment because evening is just starting. There’s the dance right after. And there will be plenty of handsome men on the dance floor.”

Ladies do not forget to live in the present. We have already talked about great techniques to have fun with the men you meet (for instance in the article 2 flirt styles to find your perfect boyfriend). It would be sad if you can miss  great opportunities to meet those gentlemen, right?

Carpe diem, said  Horace

Seize the moment.

Do you have a question? Any comments? Leave them in the little box below.

Now you know that seizing the moment  is one of the best things you can do to find the man of your dream.

Now go! And find your amazing man.


Jo Fontaine


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Stop! Do not make that mistake when you are looking for love. 1


Stop! Do not make that mistake when you are looking for love 2

4 thoughts on “1 mistake you don’t want to make when you are looking for a boyfriend

  1. Hi Jo, great article! Of course I’m way past looking for a boyfriend, lol. I’m happliy married with two grandchildren.
    But what you’ve said is spot on! Not living in the moment, and always grumbling about things going sideways, is no way to live. And it certainly doesn’t look attractive.
    I remember the time when I would look for a potential boyfriend, and never found one that way. I met my husband when I just relaxed and stopped looking. And he found me!!

  2. Hey Jo Fontaine!
    This was the first time I’m visiting in your site and I love it! I have always been that girl who is enjoying the moment, life is too short to sulk! Having fun is one of the most important thing in life, you only live here once, right? I wish I would have found this site when I was still single! I will tell about your web page to my friends who are still without a man of their dreams 😀
    Have a great week! 🙂

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