1 awesome thing that you can do when you are sick and tired of looking for mister right.

Imagine. You are a teacher. Your class is pretty noisy usually. But today it seems that all you have in front of you is a bunch of arrogant kids. This is how Cindy feels as she tries to finish her lesson. Well at least, nothing has changed on one point: just like back in the days, kids still hate math. Some are yawning right in her face. A girl in the front is maybe the worst of them all. At the end of the class, she comes near Cindy and says:
“You know what, miss? I can find you a date if you are looking for mister right.”


Cindy cannot believe her ears. For my part, I’m speechless when she tells me her story. In fact, I’m not sure of what I should say. Anyway, I can feel that she’s still hurt even if she tries to hide it. I hear her mumbling:

 “Wait until you’re 40. You will see how difficult it is to find a man.”


1 awesome thing that you can do when you are sick and tired of looking for mister right.


Some people take a stand

But here how a woman, living in Italia, has decided to deal with this problem. Her name is Laura. All her life, she was looking for Mr. Right. And she’s still waiting. Nothing seems to happen. So one day, she makes a pledge to herself.  She says:
“OK. It what if I don’t get married when I’m 40? Well, I will simply marry myself, that’s all.”

One day, the big number is arrived. Laura remembers. So she starts to organize her own wedding. She will marry herself!  I mean a real, big Italian wedding. You know what I mean?

Do you want to know more about Laura Mesi? Here is an article.

Reading that story, I smiled. It was not only about her decision: I laugh at my reaction too. Why do I have the impression that she is not far to meet the man of her life?


1 awesome thing that you can do when you are sick and tired of looking for mister right.

The big step

Say it loud! James Brown. 

Oh, I’m just a girl, lucky me”- Just a girl No Doubt

What Laura is doing is a statement.  She decides that she will no longer think that she needs to be with a man to be happy. Strangely, this is the kind of women most men are looking for. A man who has goals in his life doesn’t want to find himself with a ball and chains around his ankles. When he decides that this is the moment, a man of quality will look for a life partner. Not a woman who keeps complaining about her life. To know more about why hapiness is sexy for a man, read the article 5 signs that show that you are ready to find a boyfriend. The best way to be sure that this wonderful man doesn’t slip through your fingers is to start right now to take care of yourself. How to do this? Well, a simple way is to see yourself as a house plant. Yes, lady. A house plant.



Near the window

“More light”Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Think about what you will take care of your plant. Usually, the first thing you will do is to find a good place: a place where it will find all the sunlight it needs to grow up. But not too much! The sun can dry the roots and the plant will not grow. It’s the same for you: some places are better for you if you want to build a better-you (to feel better inside).

“When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you everywhere you go.” Alexandra Stoddard.                                 

Those places are where you will get all the “sunlight” you can. Do so and, later, you will shine when men are around. You will not even have to think about it. No, it doesn’t matter if you are shy or outgoing. Your vibe will talk. For instance, one of my places (where I just feel great) is my favorite coffee shop. This is where I write most of my articles and my music. I feel so relaxed when I get in that place that I’m almost always smiling. So here I am, ready to order my coffee.
“Here is your coffee, sir. Already done.  Just as you like it”, says the lady near the cash register.
“I hate you”, I answer. “You know me a little bit too well…”
Start with one place. For sure, there’s a place where you feel that you have the chance to think about yourself. Find that place. Trust your feelings. It’s like you feel relaxed, more harmonized. This place can be:

    • Your church
    • A park
    • The studio where you practice yoga
    • Your favorite book store
    • A library


Now, go regularly to that place. For some reason, it is one of those places where you will get that sunlight you need to grow. No need to understand why for the moment. For my part, I don’t know why one of the places I like to be in is the cafeteria of a particular shopping mall. Maybe it’s the sound of the people talking, maybe it the soft music coming out of the speakers. Who knows?

Just notice how great you feel. Take your time and absorb that sensation: it’s yours.   The more you do that exercise, the more your friends will feel that something is changing inside of you. Eventually, the man you want will feel your fantastic vibration and will try to find a way to meet you.

1 awesome thing that you can do when you are sick and tired of looking for mister right.


Need water?

“We teach girls to shrink themselves to make themselves smaller” Flawless-Beyonce

Of course, if there’s one thing that you know when you buy a home plant, it’s that you will have to give it some water. Again, the reason is that you do not want the soil to be too dry: it will damage the roots. So as your mind is concerned, what do you think is your water? What will create that image in your mind when you think about yourself? Well to start, it’s all those ideas around you. You absorb them you watch your favorite TV shows, or the news; when you read blogs. You “drink” those lines when you are talking with your friends.

  • Things were easier back in the days… Look how my mom has found her man…
  • Men  ain’t S&%t
  • People are more and more egocentric
  • This society is going to hell.
  • Women are enslaved to their image

Some of those ideas above are true. To a certain point… Others are simple excuses easy to use: they are made to  keep your pride intact. Well more or less… Some ideas are just a part of the equation: it’s more complicated than that. For instance, men are enslaved to their image too (I will add in their own way).

With all those bad vibrations, all those insidious lines, you will have to select the ideas before you adopt them. So tell me: what kind of thoughts you will choose?

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless…” Bruce Lee.

Useful to what, Bruce? Well do you feel that with that idea, you are getting more energy? That you still have the motivation to find your man (even if you decide to take things easy)? Here are some ways to find those positive thoughts that will create that irresistible positive vibe.

  • Have more quality  time with positive friends
  • Read good positive, inspiring books. You can read some great biographies, some old philosophy classic, or the bible for instance.
  • Some movies are just great! They will help you find that good vibration and will help you to keep it once you feel that you are “in the zone”


Here is something fun to do.  I will give you some recommendation that specialists give so your house plant continues to grow. Try to imagine how this could relate to suggestions to your personal development and well-being.

  • Select a good pot with a good drainage for your plant
  • A plant is not a nomad. Do not move it around a lot.
  • Find a good fertilizer.

Now you know what to do when you are sick and tired to look for mister right: you focus on your personal well-being.  The effect on men will be tremendous.

Do you have any questions, any comments? There’s a little box just below just for you.


We flawless, ladies, tell ‘em

Say “I look good tonight”

Flawless, Beyonce



Now go and find your amazing man.


Jo Fontaine


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