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See the kind of man you would like to live your life with.


  • What type of man is he physically?
  • What are his beliefs?
  • Does he wish to have children?
  • Is he sweet with his sister?


See the picture in yourself.


Is there a way to attract that kind of man


Of course, I hope that you are not looking for a robot. Somebody who will have no personality at all.


Except saying yes to anything you say.


I so, It’s ok.


But it will be difficult to find that type of man.


Or he will fake it for a while, whatever is his reason…


No, I’m not here to lie to you.


After all what are looking for? I presume that you are looking for a man who would be thrilled to live with you, to love you and to be sweet you.




In this review section, I will talk about all kind of interesting books, videos, courses that could be your magic weapon to find the perfect man.


In those review you will find the author that you like the most, some new ones. Many of them are so good motivators. Other are great tacticians.


But all of them have the burning desire to help you to realize your dream, the fastest as possible.


I will add more and more reviews with time. They will talk about all kind of things that I feel will help you the most.


Of course, this is a matter of feeling and taste. But hey I’m a sensitive guy…


P.S. Feel free to suggest some writings in  the commentaries. Talk about your favorite authors.


P.S.S. Again, remember to come on This site is updating real fast!



Joe Fontaine.